The Power of Personal Boundaries







  1. How to set boundaries that define you, not confine you.
  2. Why shifting your identity is key to hitting your goals.
  3. 4 non-negotiables in my own life that help me be the best version of myself.


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We often talk about the boundaries we set with others, but what about the ones we set for ourselves?

Personal boundaries are lines in the sand drawn by you, for you, that you commit to never crossing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re exhausted, having a rough day, or facing temptation; these boundaries are non-negotiable.

Now, if you’re thinking, “But isn’t that a bit restrictive?”, let me stop you right there because setting personal boundaries can actually give you *more* freedom and help you achieve your goals with more ease and speed.

Intrigued? I thought so! 

So let’s dive deep into the transformative power of personal boundaries…

What are personal boundaries?

Personal boundaries are ‘rules’ that you set for yourself to keep you in alignment with your highest values at all times. 

Some of my personal boundaries include:

  • I don’t eat gluten or refined sugar. It doesn’t matter if it’s my bestie’s birthday, if someone’s baked me a cake, or if I’m visiting the world’s most famous patisserie, I simply don’t eat those two things. The negative impact on my tummy afterwards is too great, so I drew a hard line and now I simply don’t consume them.
  • I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t care if it’s a wedding, a milestone birthday, or if someone’s poured me a glass of $10,000 champagne, I don’t drink alcohol. It’s a hard line, and I don’t cross it. It does not serve me (and to be honest, I don’t even like the taste!).
  • I move my body every day. I don’t have to think about it, I just do it. Sometimes it’s an hour of walking, weights or pilates; other times it might be ten minutes of gentle stretching. But it happens every day.

N016 - Image #1 - BoundariesEvery single day!

  • I don’t look at social media first thing in the morning. I know that doing so sets me up to feel frazzled and scattered, so I simply don’t do it.
  • I only ever drink high quality, clean, filtered water. I care too much about my cells, my body and my microbiome to drink junk water, so this is a hard boundary for me. If I am out and thirsty, and there is no clean water, I wait until I get home. 

Now, your personal boundaries could be completely different to these, and that’s okay. This is about finding what works for YOU, not someone else. So please: don’t feel bad if mine look different to yours — each person’s boundaries are as individual as they are!

What are the benefits of personal boundaries?

1. They help you avoid decision fatigue.

We all have a limited capacity for making decisions each day. Once that bucket is depleted, making good decisions can feel extra challenging.

One cool thing about personal boundaries is that they actually help you bypass the decision-making process.

So, say you have a personal boundary that you don’t work on weekends. If you’re ever asked to take on a project that demands weekend work, your response becomes effortless: it’s a simple, straight-forward “no”. 

There’s no internal struggle, no weighing up the decision, no feelings of guilt. It’s just pure alignment with your personal boundary. (How liberating is that?!)

2. They help shift your identity.

When you set a personal boundary and stick with it for long enough, it becomes part of your identity.

Let’s say you gave up smoking years ago. If someone offered you a cigarette today, your answer would be a no-brainer: “Nope, I’m not a smoker.”

N016 - Image #2 - Boundaries

See how that last sentence is about your identity?

You’re not having to make a choice; you’re just being who you are, which makes it a breeze to stay true to what matters to you.

3. They help you reach your goals. 

Say you’ve got a goal to write a book. You’ve got the idea, the passion, and you just need the time.

So, you make a game-changing decision: “I’m only going to watch one episode of TV each night. That’s it.” 

This is your new personal boundary. 

Now, it might take some willpower and discipline to follow through on this at first, but soon enough, it will become so second nature that you start thinking of yourself as the “type” of person who’s laser-focused on their goals.

Watching TV for hours? Not you! You’ve got a book to write, and every minute counts.

So how can you put this into practice and harness the power of personal boundaries in your own life?

The process is super simple:

Think about the goals you’ve set for 2024. (And if you haven’t set any yet, check out my signature goal-setting process here.)

Now ask yourself: What personal boundaries can I set that will help me align with and achieve my goals?

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • I don’t stay up past 9pm.
  • I don’t look at my phone/computer after 6pm. 
  • I get up at the same time everyday. 
  • I only eat organic or spray free food.. 
  • I only use toxic-free products in the home and on my temple.
  • I only drink high quality water.
  • I move my body every day.


Hot tip: If you get stuck, try asking yourself these two powerful questions: What sort of person do I need to become to achieve my goals? What sort of personal boundaries would that person have?

So there you have it: a guide to setting personal boundaries that aren’t just lines in the sand, but lifelines to your best self. 

Remember, these boundaries aren’t about confining you, they’re about defining you. Think of them not as constraints, but as tools to unleash your greatest potential. 

So, grab a pen and paper and get started, Beautiful. Here’s to drawing lines that lead you straight to your goals. 

You’ve got this! ✨

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