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Rocking relationships with your family and friends. A soulmate who gets you on the deepest level. And the most mind-blowing — and soulful — sex of your life…

Sound like a pipe dream?

Not when you pick up a copy of my new book Open Wide: A Radically Real Guide To Deep Love, Rocking Relationships And Soulful Sex which is OUT NOW and in stores in Australia and New Zealand TODAY!

So what is Open Wide, you ask? Well, it’s the definitive guide to intimate and fulfilling relationships for the modern woman. Delving into areas that no one dares discuss, this book dispels taboos and defies convention — diving into topics like how to fall (back) in love with your body and yourself, how to unleash (what I call) your inner goddessence, how to understand the masculine and feminine energies (which is so imperative for ALL your relationships), plus how to experience toe-curling orgasms on demand… Um, yes please!

I wrote Open Wide for YOU! Why?… Well, relationships are our biggest spiritual assignments, our greatest opportunities for growth, and the highest-stake games we’ll ever play… and yet most of us don’t know how to navigate them! I mean, let’s face it: we weren’t giving a manual when we came out of the womb. And it’s not like we’re not taught ‘Relationships 101’ at school or (for most of us) by our parents. Imagine sitting down with a Sudoku grid for the first time and not being told what the rules are… You wouldn’t get very far, would you? And yet most people are doing exactly that in their real-life relationships — thrust into the thick of things, flying blind, and hoping like hell that they can figure out what’s going on before it’s too late. And if you’re anything like me, you fumble! You make poor (really poor) choices in men and friendships, wasting hours — scratch that, wasting days, months and even years — holding grudges against people and agonising, worrying and stressing out over what he or she — or you! — once said or did a long time ago.

On top of that, without a ‘textbook’, the usual way we learn is from our parents. And unless you won the genetic lottery, this may not be the world’s best representation of deep love, a rocking relationship or a soulful connection.

If you’ve done any personal development work before, you probably know enough to look for the lesson in your relationships. Because yes, there’s always a lesson, and everything is always unfolding exactly as it’s supposed to. These are important concepts to grasp.

But (and this is a very big BUT), what if you knew the insider info that meant you didn’t have to learn those lessons the hard way? What if you could play the game in a way that didn’t end in pain? Think about all those times you’ve stressed, worried, expelled energy and lost sleep over a particular situation or argument with someone … What else could you have done with that precious time? You could have learned another language, performed a random act of kindness, honed your photography skills or become an epic pianist. (And I could have written a whole library of books!) But we didn’t! Instead, that precious time is lost and gone forever.

Open Wide – A Radically Real Guide To Deep Love, Rocking Relationships And Soulful Sex is OUT NOW!

The truth is, we only have a certain amount of time here in this beautiful ‘earth suit’ we’ve been given. Think about it mathematically for a moment: there are three hundred and sixty- five days in a year and the average life expectancy is seventy-eight years. That means we’ve got fewer than thirty thousand days on this planetary playground … and they’ll go by in a flash. So don’t you think we should figure out how to use our precious time wisely?

THAT’S why I created this radically real relationship guide for you: so you can cultivate kickass connections with everyone you come into contact with, and experience deep love in ALL your relationships. I also want to light the way for you to experience soulful, heart-opening, expansive, mind-blowing sex with your lover too (or lovers — whatever floats your boat!). Does that all sound like your cup of herbal tea? If so, sister, Open Wide is for YOU!


Sweetheart, never forget that your birthright is LOVE, and when we each choose to show up with love we inspire others to do the same. So to help celebrate the launch of Open Wide today, I would love, and be so totally honoured and forever grateful, if you could help spread the love by sharing the cover of the book on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and make sure you tag me so I can reshare it on my Instagram stories.

And another favor… once you have read Open Wide, I would be so grateful and honored if you could please leave me a review on Amazon. This will help me get Open Wide into the hands of the people who need it most. Before my first book came out, I never realized what a HUGE impact the simple act of writing a review can have. So these days, I always try to help out my fellow creatives and leave a review whenever I’ve read a good book — it’s a great habit to get into, it lets me express my gratitude to the author, and I always feel really stoked afterwards for having played my part in spreading the love.

How To Leave An Amazon Review:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Head to the Open Wide page.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Customer Review’ and click ‘Write a customer review’.
  4. Share how Open Wide has impacted your life.

(P.S. You don’t have to buy your copy from Amazon in order to leave a review there. So even if you’ve bought Open Wide from another website or off the shelf, you’re still welcome to drop a love-bomb via Amazon.)

Want to get the FREE Open Wide Masterclass?

It’s one thing to read about these life-changing principles in a book… It’s another thing entirely to see them in action in a real-life relationship! Watch as Nick and I share our story to help you take these potent concepts off the page and bring them to life in your home, your relationship, and yes — even your bedroom.

You’ll learn:

  • How to know when you’ve found ‘the One’, including the behind-the-scenes details of our journey to Soulmate City.
  • The sacred art of balancing masculine and feminine energy in a relationship (with plenty of real-life examples and helpful tips).
  • How to get your partner pumped about opening wide, PLUS Nick’s unconventional advice for communicating with guys who “don’t like to talk”.
  • A man’s perspective on soulful sex — including how to share your deepest desires with your sweetheart (without feeling awkward), and the unusual foreplay technique that will send your lover into pleasure overdrive.
  • The sexy secret considered too steamy for the book (that you’ll want to try out for yourself… immediately!).

Head here to get the FREE Open Wide Masterclass TODAY!

Have fun Opening Wide, and remember: it’s your birthright to feel and experience deep love, rocking relationship and soulful sex.

Can’t wait for you to dive in and hear your thoughts.

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  1. Penny says:

    I absolutely love this and can’t wait to read!! The link for the Masterclass isn’t working, though.. just so you know 🙂


  2. Janine says:

    Hi Melissa

    Super excited to read open wide. I just preordered it on audible and it said was available today but it has been delivered. Wondering whether you know if it’s to be delivered later in the day? Can’t can’t wait to read this! Especially before Christmas a busy time for relationships!

  3. Janine says:

    No worries I contacted audible and they said it would be available tonight!!! So excited!

  4. Laura says:

    Hi Melissa, I want to get the book tomorrow but Dymocks Sydney and Harry Hartog won’t have it in stock until after Christmas. Do you know any shops in Sydney that have it in stock from today? Thanks

  5. Niharika Gautam says:

    Congratulations. Keep inspiring 🙂

  6. Rebecca says:

    I just pre-ordered this! Congratulations on another book! I’m very much looking forward to more of your work! Unfortunately, I have to wait until March, 2018. 🙁 BOO

  7. Vijaytha Murali says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to read this! I can’t seem to get the link to work unfortunately!

    Wish you so much success with this book 🙂 x

  8. […] friend and golden girl Melissa Ambrosini has a new book out. It is written for young women wanting to grab life by its heart. Would you like it? Drop a comment […]

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