Behind The Scenes Of My Magical Love-Fest


Exhilarating. Juicy. Passionate. Breathtaking. Jaw-dropping. Electric. Bursting. Buzzing. These words don't even begin to do this special day justice. It really was the most magical day of my life, filled with heartfelt words, cheesy grins and goosebumps galore. Basically, I felt like I was overflowing with love the entire day.

Even watching this video for the millionth time I get tingles all over my body. (How epic is the video?!) Lester and May were the awesome team behind it.

I am so excited to share this post with you today. After getting loads of emails and social media messages, I have decided to spill the beans on my Love Fest Wedding and answer all your burning questions.

Let's dive in...

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

What Marriage Means To Me

I believe relationships are sacred because they afford you the opportunity to decide, and to be, who you really are. I see marriage as unity on all levels and believe it is about being of service to each other's evolution and growth.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Wedding Location

We got married on my in-laws beautiful 30 acre property in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. We were surrounded by rolling hills, mountains and ocean views. It’s such a special place with a great energy. We feel very grateful to have had that as an option.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

The Photographer

One of our dear friends, Bayleigh Vedelago, snapped our wedding. Bayleigh and I have worked together many times here on my website. She’s incredible! She so effortlessly captures the most beautiful moments you don’t want to miss. I am so grateful she was available to shoot it for us.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

The Dress

I literally went into two shops and found my dress in the second one. I really wanted to buy something off the rack and not get anything made, I couldn’t be bothered fussing about with it all. I found this Monique Lhuillier dress and fell in love. As soon as I put it on, I knew it was the ‘one’. It suited me so perfectly and had that soft, Bohemian feel that I love.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

The Shoes

For the ceremony I wore heels from ZU. Then, for the reception, I took off my shoes and wore amazing barefoot sandals from Forever Soles to stick with the Boho theme. I wanted to feel grounded on my wedding day and feel the earth under my feet, plus I wanted to be able to dance my heart out.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Bridal Gown

My bridal dressing gown was from Homebodii.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Wedding Theme

The theme was Boho-chic, as I wanted it to be a representation of our personal style. It was very earthy and rustic with a real hippy vibe. We wanted our wedding to feel like a Love-Fest, after all, it is a celebration of love. It was important that our guests felt relaxed, so we incorporated loads of floor cushions and lounges so everyone could sit wherever they wanted. There was a wild mix of eclectic prints, patterns and colours and different stalls to give it a real festive feel.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Hair And Makeup

The amazing Alex Ouston did both my hair and makeup. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so I wanted a very natural look which she nailed.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Wedding Stylist

My good friend Sophie Bell from Peppa Hart did all the styling. She’s AMAZING! Beyond words.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Wedding Planner

The amazing Emma Bell from Tipi Luxe was our wedding planner. She did a stellar job and was a dream to work with.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Flowers And Head Piece

Sophie Bell from Peppa Hart did all my flowers. The brief was bright and romantic, but not too cliche. We went for a very bright theme with deep purples and reds mixed in with lots of earthy and Australian flowers to match the lush green surroundings. Celosias, Dahlias, King Proteas, Hanging Amaranthus and Easter Daisies were amongst the main contenders.

Elyssium Blooms made my beautiful flower crown.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Ceremony Decor

The arch was made by my father-in-law and decorated by Sophie Bell from Peppa Hart.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Reception Decor

We stuck with the Boho theme. Sophie and I created different Pinterest boards of things I liked, then we got busy sourcing all the goodies. It was so much fun.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Our beautiful Tipis were from KataLane.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Little Gray Station supplied most of the gorgeous furniture.

Signs of Wear provided props, some furniture and the succulents (I LOVE succulents).

Lighting and sound were by the epic team at ASV Audio.

The awesome N + M were made by my Dad and father-in-law out of trees they cut down. They got the lighting team to light it up. This was a surprise for me, so I had no idea it was going to be in lights.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Wedding Cake

Our delicious wedding cake was from Blended Earth. It was seriously the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. All our desserts with organic, gluten, dairy and sugar-free.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage


All the food was local and paleo inspired, because that is how we eat at home. We wanted it to be very rustic with loads of delicious flavours.

Catering was by Spoon Fed. They did an awesome job.

Raw dessert Bar was by Blended Earth. Honestly some of the best raw desserts I have ever had.

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage


We decided to have had a dry wedding (neither of us drink). It didn’t make sense to us to supply alcohol to the people we love most.

All the beverages were organic and super delicious.

Smoothie Bar was by The Sunflower Hotel

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Kombucha bar by Paul Chermak from Organic Family.

Tea Station from The Seventh Duchess

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Cold press juice Bar from Ground Organics and drink dispensers were from Holly Lee at Holly Lee Health

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage


The entertainment is such an important part of any wedding, it really does make it. We had the following entertainment:

Broadhurst (my darling man)

Fire Dancer - Karyn Smith

melissa ambrosini, nick broadhurst, love, wedding, marriage

Drummer - Nathaniel from Rhythm Culture

Love Clairvoyant - Joanna Katherine

DJ - Jonny Pow

MC - MC Double D (Daimon Downey)

My Favourite Moment

Cliche, but all of it! It was seriously the best day of my life. If I had to single out one moment, it would be when I first saw my man at the end of the long walk down the stairs. Oh, and my little man singing to me... melts me every time!

My Advice For Brides-To-Be

Only work on your wedding when you are in a calm and relaxed state. That way, every time you do something related to the wedding you will be putting good energy into it.

And most of all, be in the moment. Stare into your man’s eyes, breathe deeply, and feel your feet grounded and supporting you. This is the best way to stay present and soak up all the magic in the moment.

So, what do you think of my wedding darling?

Do you have any advice for our brides-to-be? Please share it in the comments. Let this be a place where brides can come and feel inspired before their special day!

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    • June 12, 2014

      This is AMAZING Melissa and Nick! that video gave me the chills as well, such a beautiful wedding all round. From the make-up to the no shoes, to the alcohol free and organic, just perfect. You two are beautiful together x

    • Megan
      June 12, 2014

      Oh Melissa,You're such an incredible soul.

      I saw some of your pictures on Instagram that weekend and fell in love with your beautiful wedding. Thankyou for sharing these insights with us. You can't help but see the happiness shining right through your faces.

      Sending you and your lovely family Love and Light


    • June 12, 2014

      What a special celebration of your love for each other. Congratulations Melissa & Nick. :)

    • June 12, 2014

      Wow. inspiration for my wedding. Did it completely your style and got away with it. Gives me absolute confidence that I don't have to have a wedding the way others expect it. Thank you for sharing !!!

    • June 12, 2014

      I AM SO IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS INCREDIBLE WEDDING. Oh you big beautiful soul - just such a perfect reflection of you & my heart is bursting that you were able to experience such a perfect day together. Absolutely beautiful x

    • June 12, 2014

      Melissa this video has just given me goosebumps!! It's sooooo beautiful!

      June 12, 2014


    • Justine
      June 12, 2014

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding Mel. We have been engaged for two years but are waiting for our second bub to be born in January next year before we pick a wedding date. I'm so eager to marry thean of my dreams, like you both I knew from the moment I met him that I would marry him!! Thank you for sharing I feel so much more relaxed now to do what we want for our wedding!! Not what we think everyone else would like, but what speaks of us and our relationship!!
      Such a beautiful day for you Mel and I'm so glad it was perfect for you. Xx

    • Amy
      June 12, 2014

      Wow Mel!!! That is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing :) Makes me want to get married- just need someone to marry first hehe! Wishing you all the best for the future beautiful x.

    • June 12, 2014

      Absolutely Gorgeous Melissa!!! What more can I say!? x

    • Lauren
      June 12, 2014

      Oh Mel I cried through the whole video! I am so happy for you! Absolutely overflowing with joy that you and Nick are together xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • June 12, 2014

      Melissa this wedding was absolutely incredible - the styling, the food and the sheer love of it all just overflows. Thank you for sharing with us lovely, a huge congratulations xx

    • June 12, 2014

      AMAZING on every level.... what a visual feast, and the love radiating from the video and images is so beautiful and I know the feeling for you both and those present on the day would be even beyond what we have seen.
      Thanks so much for sharing your images and how you went about organising!! Congratulations again on both finding your soul mate x

    • Lala
      June 12, 2014

      SO BEAUTIFUL. I am grinning, congratulations Melissa!! I am in awe of your sacred day and I wish you all the love of many lifetimes to you both. Lala xx

    • Caroline
      June 12, 2014

      So gorgeous Melissa!!!! I LOVE everything about your beautiful wedding! xx

    • Saara
      June 12, 2014

      This is such an amazing story. Everything makes sense now! Congratulations on such a beautiful day. Can I just tell you that I also had Alex do my hair and make on my wedding day and my dress was inspired by a Monique Lhullier design! Great taste! I wish you both every happiness. xo

    • June 12, 2014

      YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! You are such a beauty and I loved every piece of your description! I wish I could have such a beautiful wedding. I'm 21 so I think this is a young age. Maybe in 5 to 7 years, I'll marry too. I don't know. But the Boho theme is really appreciate!

    • Talitha
      June 12, 2014

      Wow. What a beautiful day.

    • Emma Jean
      June 12, 2014

      OMGEEEEEE I absolutely LOVED reliving every moment of your beautiful LOVEfest darling... Thank you for sharing your most precious moments. Love you both so much xxx

    • Renae Strugnell
      June 12, 2014

      Mel that was simply the most beautiful post I have read in such a long time. The tribute to the love you two share is just bursting from the pages... I can completely feel the grounded love energy that you have put in this. Wow what a day, what a moment, what a life you two will have together. The video was incredible and as all the other ladies have attested it sure gave me chills as well :)) This has really inspired me - and as I write this thinking of my darling partner Darren - who is sleeping soundly and I will now wake him with a giant hug and kiss.... Thank you for sharing this very momentous occasion xx

    • June 12, 2014

      That. Video. = Spine-tinglingly-beautiful.

    • Kimberly
      June 12, 2014

      Thank you so much for sharing such an intimate and special time in yours and Nick's lives, truly beautiful. I feel so inspired by love again, when I had lost that feeling for quite some time xx
      Thank you

    • June 13, 2014

      My heart is so full after watching the video, seeing the pictures, and feeling the beautiful energy that filled your day of love and celebration. Just gorgeous!

    • June 13, 2014

      Absolutely LOVE the video. My boyfriend and I are always talking about our maybe-future wedding as a love fest as well. I can totally imagine getting married like this, relaxed easy and not too fussy. Also outside and with lots of fairy lights :)

    • June 13, 2014

      Absolutely stunning Melissa. Such a beautiful wedding. Loved the Video. Thank you for sharing your special day. xxx

    • Kirsty
      June 13, 2014

      Amazing gorgeous. Love it!!!!!! Xxx

    • Nuran Yalcin
      June 13, 2014

      Melissa this is so beautiful, I can't even...

      That song at the beginning of the video gave me chills, who is the cover by? What outrageously stunning vocals!

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        June 13, 2014

        Hi Nuran,

        I know it's it amazing. It's by Lo Fang. BEST. SONG. EVER.


    • Lucie
      June 13, 2014

      Melissa, you are such an inspirational woman with everything you do. Thank you for everything because you started my incredible journey to my happier life. Even though I still have a long way to go, I can already feel the shift in my life and in lives of my children and my husband. I can't thank you enough. You are an amazing human being. Beautiful wedding, beautiful people.

    • shannon
      June 13, 2014

      Amazing wedding!! Did you have wedding favors?!?

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        June 13, 2014

        Wedding favors?

    • toni
      June 13, 2014

      Sheer perfection! I saw you and Nick come into Naked treaties in Byron a couple of days after Easter and you were both glowing xxx

    • June 13, 2014

      Wow Mel! This blog was absolutely amazing. It brought tears to my eyes. You are both absolutely amazing souls and it really makes me feel that there really is someone out there who is a perfect fit for all of us. You are the most compatible couple I know of xxx

    • June 13, 2014

      A M A Z I N G Mel - blown away! That video is divine, I had tingles watching it! So unbelievably happy for you. xxxx

    • June 13, 2014

      This is brilliant! You are going to be so happy you had this made to look back on 20 years from now :)

    • June 13, 2014

      Divine. Authentic and so inspiring.

      Congratulations gorgeous xx

    • Daniella Daals
      June 13, 2014

      Mel beautiful!

      How magical and so, so beautiful ❤️

      Wishing you both an abundance of love, joy & happiness.

      I have tingles .. Still. Just beautiful x

      Love love love Daniella xoxo

    • Yasmn
      June 13, 2014

      This is amazing! Does anyone know exactly the mix/cover artist of the first song?????

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        June 13, 2014

        It's by Lo Fang honey.


    • June 13, 2014

      Congratulations beautiful Melissa. Thanks for sharing your precious day - it's utterly bursting with love and gorgeousness. It brought tears to my eyes and sweet memories of my own wedding day. xx

    • June 13, 2014

      Absolutely Freakin' Beautiful and SO full of love. So inspiring Mel, what a beautiful post. <3 I love love <3 x x x

    • June 13, 2014

      OMG congratulations on such a wonderful day! this all looks so beautiful xx

    • Lulu
      June 13, 2014

      Holly wowZa! 10 out of 10 babe! Congrats! May your lives together continue to blossom more each day in grace & beauty. Welcome to the married club. ;)

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        June 14, 2014

        hehe thank you so much beautiful girl.

        Being married rocks!


      June 13, 2014

      Oh Mel, I just cried a couple of times watching this video! What a beautiful day this was for a truly blessed couple! I am so happy for you both, and proud of you for finding the man of your dreams, you totally deserve it. Congrats again, and sending love!

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        June 14, 2014

        Thank you so much darling. It truly was so magical.

        Sending you so much love.


    • June 14, 2014

      so happy for you two, you both looked gorgeous and so in love!
      Biggest congrats and lots of love xxx

    • June 14, 2014

      Mel - what a stunning wedding! I'm so inspired by it right now! Thank you for sharing this with your tribe. This is giving so many of us hope about finding love in all forms! Love this !

    • Melanie
      June 15, 2014

      WOW!!!! What a lovely video so natural and captured all the right moments. I am so bored of staged photos and video footage which is just like thousands before it and doesn't show the couple's personality. You got married in such a beautiful location and your theme, dress and décor was so beautiful I love hippy and boho chic. It was like watching a party and that's what weddings should be about. It must have been so magical at night with all the candles lit and the fairy lights twinkling. What a lovely surprise for you to have the N & M stand lit up you must have been so pleased. Love love love this video they did a great job and you guys must be so happy with the result - congrats xxx

    • Astrid
      June 15, 2014

      Thank you Melissa & Nick for sharing your very special, magical wedding day. Your photos & video warm my heart each time I see them! So so happy for you both & Leo is one very blessed sweet boy to be part of such a loving family! Wishing you all love, joy health & happiness always

    • Lexie
      June 15, 2014

      Wow, Melissa! This is so beautiful I can't find proper words. You have such a flawless taste and this wedding just became my inspiration for the one I'll have in the future. Everything is so gorgeous, and you and Nick are a gorgeous couple. Leo is a darling, as well!

      PS Have you ever considered creating a fashion section on your website, or "currently I'm loving..." section with all the goodies you enjoy and you'd buy without blink of an eye? Because, as I said before, your taste is really remarkable and I'm soon going to buy those barefoot sandals, even if I'm not a bride yet. :)


      • Melissa Ambrosini
        June 16, 2014

        hehehe go ahead buy them sweetie and wear them around the house or whilst your doing the dishes ;)

        I have thought about it and never say never.

        Thank you for your beautiful words my darling.

        Sending you so much love.


    • June 18, 2014

      this is just gorgeous Melissa, what a beautiful day you had!!!

    • Vashti
      June 18, 2014

      That's the best wedding video I've ever seen! Wonder-full stuff, many Congratulations xxx

    • June 19, 2014

      Oh My Goodness! I have goosebumps watching that video. Simply stunning! I think I need to renew my wedding vows so I can have a love fest. You all look so completely joyful. Congratulations beautiful xx

    • Nichola
      July 1, 2014

      Beautiful video and wow what a stunning wedding, thanks for sharing, I get married next May - woo how :-) xx congratulations x

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        July 1, 2014

        Thanks Nichola and all the best for your special day. It really is the best day EVER.


    • celia
      August 1, 2014

      Mel, I feel like I have just been reliving my dream, after watching your video. I would like to get married again to my hubby. Just to reignite and reunite our vows and beliefs and our goals from the whole family for the rest of our future.

      You look absolutely beautiful Mel and Nick is a very handsome man, I love Bohemian wedding dresses. Loved the organic food and especially the deserts, the whole event was gorgeous. :-) You radiate love and generosity and serenity and Nick radiates warmth, sincerity, blissfully in love.

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        August 2, 2014

        Thank you so much Celia he is the most divine being I am so grateful to share my life with him.

        That is a great idea renewing your vows. How beautiful! And Don't forget to send me pic's I would LOVE to see them.


    • August 29, 2014

      Oh my golly gosh I have just seen the video now- where have I been?! haha. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE ENTIRE VIDEO! The day looks beyond spectacular and you can see the love between everyone there. I am sooooo super impressed with the set up of that video, I felt like I was watching a Hollywood movie but ten times better. I fell in love with every part as I watched it. Melissa you looked like a dancing angel and Nick is beautiful. Wow I'm so happy I found this to see :-)

      I just had my 8 year wedding anniversary and our third baby just turned one, so I think I slightly forgot how special our wedding day felt with so much going on in our lives over the last eight years- but seeing your wedding with Nick, just made all the wonderful feelings and memories flow straight back to me. Now I'm going to give my hubby a big kiss :-) Thank you for sharing such a special part of your life with us all.

      Much love, Kate xoxo

    • Sherry
      September 7, 2014

      So great to read! Thanks for sharing Mel!
      I'm desperatly trying to find a raw dessert bar or at least someone who will make a raw wedding cake for my upcoming wedding in Sydney.
      I absolutely love the letters in lights!!

      Sherry :)

    • Faye Triantis
      January 10, 2015

      Awesome wedding. Loved the video; especially my favourite song Happy. xxx

    • August 10, 2015

      Hi Melissa...your celebration looks absolutely divine...I tried looking for Blended Earth and can't find them anywhere?!

      • Melissa
        August 11, 2015

        Hey Bamik,

        Thank you so much for your kind words. Blended Earth actually aren't around anymore. They are now Cultured Baby. Maybe reach out to them and see if they have any recomendtations.


    • January 2, 2016

      […] Your Mean Girl” went from professional dancer/actor/model/party girl to having a dry wedding (and quite possibly the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen). There is a tribe of women like Gabby Bernstein and Kris Carr who all don’t drink. BUT where is […]

    • Azra
      April 19, 2016

      This is the most beautiful wedding I have seen in my life.

    • Mikayla
      October 23, 2018

      Do your inlaws hire out their property ?

      • October 24, 2018

        They don't honey but there are so many magical places out there. Check out the Byron Bay hinterland. It's magical. xx

    • Johanna
      January 24, 2019

      This is such a beautiful video! I'm helping a friend pick a wedding dress (for a beach wedding, boho-style) and I know she would love your dress - may I ask for the name of the dress (I have looked up Monique Lhuillier but couldn't find it), and where did you buy it? This would be amazing!!!! Thank you!

      • January 25, 2019

        Hey Johanna, thank you so much for your kind words. To be honest, I have no idea what the dress was called, all I remember was it was Monique Lhuillier. Sorry I can't be of more help honey. xx

        • Johanna
          January 25, 2019

          No problem, we will keep looking! Thanks for your quick reply, really appreciate that. Have a fantabulous long weekend! x

    • Holly-Ann Rutherfoord
      April 24, 2020

      Melissa, thank you for sharing your unique, special day. What a magnificent venue! Glad you now live at Noosa, so closer to this beautiful property of Nicks parents.
      Debra and Al have so much to be proud of Melissa!
      Absolutely beautiful bride and wedding!
      Lots of love,

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