My 14 Tips For Feeling Fresh When Flying


I love traveling, but don’t really like the whole flying part of it. It dries me out, blocks me up and throws me all out of whack... not to mention it’s incredibly Vata aggravating. But I travel a lot for work and leisure — I’m on a plane roughly every 2-3 weeks, sometimes even more, so I have had to get used to it.

I’ve tried and tested many things to make the trip more comfortable, to minimize the stress on my mind, body and soul, and to avoid jet lag. These tips will totally change your flying experience and today I want to share them with you!

Here Are The Top 14 Things You Must Do Next Time You Fly...

1. Take Your Own Food

The truth is, you couldn’t pay me to eat plane food. It’s full of ‘food-like substances’ and has been sitting in those aluminum packs for God knows how long. Instead, try taking your own nourishing snacks with you. Things like salads, cut up veggie sticks, homemade avocado dip, activated nuts, chia pudding, bliss balls or anything from my ebook The Glow Kitchen. I pack my food in a cute stainless steel lunch box and dive in whenever I’m hungry. Another hot tip... I also eat a big meal high in good quality fats just before a long flight so that I am full and could even fast the rest of the journey.

2. Nourish Your Body

Flying and animal products are very contracting and can put a lot of stress on your body. So when your body is already compromised make sure you’re supporting it by eating expanding foods such as veggies and good quality fats. Stay away from animal products and fill up on all the other goodies you have packed. Packing a high-quality superfood green powder is one of my hottest tips and my personal favorite is Superfood Greens which was hand crafted by my good friends James Colquhoun and Laurentine Ten Bosch at Food Matters. Have this in a cup of water on your journey.

3. Drink Loads Of Water

Take a massive stainless steel bottle filled with filtered water to the airport. You’ll have to drink it before you go through security, but once you’re on the other side, most airports have filtered water stations all over the place so you can fill it straight back up again. Easy peasy! Flying is very dehydrating, so make sure you drink loads before you get on, during the flight and ever after you land. And remember, you can always ask the staff on the plane to refill your bottle. For extra hydration take some electrolytes with you such as Essential Electrolytes by NutriBiotics or the amazing Oxygen supplement CellFood.

4. Take A Warm Scarf And Socks

It’s imperative you keep your neck and feet warm whilst you fly. They really drop the temperature during flights, so make sure you keep both your neck and feet as warm as possible. I have forgotten my scarf before and ended up getting sick as soon as I arrived at my destination not fun! You are most likely to forget these travel essentials if you’re leaving a warm climate and going to another warm climate, but don’t be fooled — you will need them!

5. Use Headphones

I have a pair of Bose noise canceling headphones, which are awesome! They block out so much noise you can actually get some decent sleep, plus they are way better to watch movies with compared to the ones they hand out for free. Again, the noise on airplanes is very Vata aggravating, so cutting out as much of it as possible will do you the world of good.

6. Take Essential Oils

It’s best to avoid toxic perfumes and sprays at all times but even more so whilst you are in a confined space. You can use good quality essential oils instead. Try lavender to help you fall asleep and peppermint to invigorate and wake you up once you land at your destination. Add a few drops to your wrists or even on your clothes.

7. Use An Eye Mask

This is a non-negotiable if you’re going long haul. You want to try and get as much sleep as you possibly can to avoid jet lag, and using an eye mask will help with this enormously. Take your own though because the freebies on the plane are oh-so-toxic. This is the one I have. 

8. Avoid Alcohol

Like animal products, alcohol is very contracting. Avoid the booze trolley, and load up on filtered water and herbal teas instead. Hot tip... Take a zip lock bag full of different organic herbal teas and ask the staff to bring you a cup of hot water.

9. Meditate

Meditation calms the mind and the body. Try practicing while you’re in the air — whether that means listening to one of my guided meditation in your headphones, focusing on a mantra, or simply tuning into your breath. Do it for as long as you can and really soak up the opportunity to get in a decent session. (If you are going long haul, you could even get in a few!)

10. Take A Good Book

Flying is the perfect time to finish those books on your bedside table. I personally travel with my iPad and or Kindle and load all my books onto that. But stock up on paperbacks if that’s what you prefer — whatever floats your boat. For some epic book suggestions check out the 27 books that have changed my life.

11. Move

Get up and move as much as you can. Even do some light stretches or yoga poses down the back of the if you like. You want to keep the circulation flowing freely through your body and prevent any joint stiffness or muscle cramps. I love Charlotte Dodson’s airplane yoga poses.

12. Oil Up

Flying really dries you out so make sure you take some organic coconut oil or sesame oil and lather up before you get on, whilst you flying and for a few days after.

13. Reduce Your Exposure To Radiation

For those of you who want to take this to the next level, take a look at limiting your exposure to radiation with products like the Pocket Resonator by EMFBlues.com

14. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Despite the epic movie choice try and get as much sleep as possible to avoid jet lag.

So there you have it... 14 tips to help with your next trip (you may want to bookmark this page).

Now I would love to hear from you. Do you have any helpful flying tips of your own? Please share in the comments below. And together let's create an epic long list we can always refer back to.

Thank you for being so awesome and helpful as always in the comments. You rock!

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    • July 2, 2014

      Thank you for these tips. I fly unregularly. My whole life I flew about 5 times =) But you're right. It's a huge stress. I flew to Spain and it was only for about 2 hours, but I was really down. I got sick 3 days before the flight so it was hard with air pressure etc.

    • kat
      July 2, 2014

      Hah thanks Melissa, this is exactly what i needed right now, as I m flying from Australia to Europe soon and this flight always makes me feel quite sick afterwards, so I was thinking how to better prepare and you re tips come in handy. Thanks anyway for everything on your site, I find you so inspiring and sometimes i just go on the website, when I m feeling a bit down and it makes me feel better :) Keep doing the good work, lots of love!

    • July 3, 2014

      Awesome babe! Will definitely use these tips before i head to LA in a few weeks :) xo

    • Cayla
      July 3, 2014

      When we flew to Europe last year my sister and I got up every 2 hours to do a stretch session in the back of the plane! Ponches are really hard to hold on airplanes ;) maybe it puts us off balance being so high up. Haha :) beautiful post mel x

    • Mary
      July 3, 2014

      Hi Mel,

      Thank you for this amazing post. Your help and advice is always so wonderful. Congrats on your wedding too - you looked so beautiful!

      I have a question. I have an international flight coming up. I am super petrified of flying and always find it difficult to sleep. I panic myself awake at the slightest bit of turbulence or a crying baby or my other half moving - a light sleeper in other words. I wanted to give your meditation sessions a go. Can you recommend a particular one to help with my problem? Do you have any other tips you could give me for my problem? The problem for me is the fear of flying and how panicked I get on the plane and then the lack of sleep that ensues! My other half wants me to get a sleeping tablet prescription from my doctor but I have flat refused until I see if there's a way around it.

    • Lizzy
      July 3, 2014

      This is perfect, thanks Melissa! I am flying to Europe this month and will take on board all of your advice :) looking forward to some onboard Choc Heaven Bliss Balls already!

    • Nicole Rouillon
      July 3, 2014

      Thanks beautiful! Perfect post for my travels in the near future YOU rock!
      I love to use Indah Organics Lalu Travel Balm on my wrists and temples as a perfume or to inhale it if feeling motion sick or need some grounding. I also make up my own essential oil mix for motion sickness as i suffer from it very easily. I mix up ginger, lavender and peppermint. Few drops on your hands rub together and inhale to relieve. Works a treat! (:

    • Tammy
      July 3, 2014

      Love these tips for flying! Some I already do but now I have some fantastic upgrades!

    • Georgia
      July 3, 2014

      Great tips Melissa! Love them. xx

    • July 3, 2014

      There are some great tips here! Looking forward to using them in August! :) Just one question for any one who can answer it - are you allowed to take food on the plane? I've been told that you can not take any food (apart from what is bought once past customs) on the plane. Maybe there's a difference between domestic and international flights in Australia? I would be so grateful for any answers to this. My partner is Canadian, so we regularly fly over and I often get sick and very bloated from eating food on the plane. Thank you lovely ladies!

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        July 3, 2014

        Hey Becky,

        Yes you can take food on the plane. I do all the time both domestic and international and it's never been an issue for me.


        • July 5, 2014

          Hello Becky and lovely Mel,

          I believe the distinction is between taking food on the plane and taking it off on the other end in another country. I'm sure when Mel has taken things like fruit or veggie sticks on the plane they haven't survived the trip (in a good way yum yum!) so they don't incur the wrath of quarantine in the next country. If you make sure you eat your fresh things on the plane then you should be fine. I've previously packed extra snacks for the way home like some Loving Earth buckinis and luvju bars in my suitcase with no hassles.

          Happy travelling!

        • Melissa Ambrosini
          July 6, 2014

          Yes Jenna, you are right my love. You wont be able to take the fresh food into the country so just eat it on the plane ;)


        • Becky
          July 20, 2014

          Thank you so much Mel and Jenna! I really appreciate it!

    • Tanya
      July 3, 2014

      I love this post! And when we flew to Bali a couple of weeks ago (from New Zealand) I had your beautiful guided meditations to help calm my whole system in order to then fall into a peaceful sleep to arrive fresh for a yoga retreat! Bliss. And thank you xx

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        July 4, 2014

        Oh how nice honey. Meditation is awesome when you're flying. I love it!


    • summer
      July 4, 2014

      do you recommend any sleeping tablets? i have trouble relaxing/ sleeping when flying?

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        July 5, 2014

        Hi Summer,

        No I don't honey but have you tried meditation? That is great for relaxing the mind and body and helping you hep.

        Give that a go.


        • summer
          July 5, 2014

          i tired to upload your mediation and it doesnt work =( not sure what went wrong.. i tried many times

        • Melissa Ambrosini
          July 5, 2014

          Hi Summer,

          Please email your receipt to hello@melissaambrosini.bitnamiapp.com and we will help you right away.


        • summer
          July 8, 2014

          thank you mel x

    • Victoria
      July 12, 2014

      Just saw these tips Mel thanks so much for sharing I'm actually heading back to Brisbane after 3 weeks in Easter Europe which has been amazing. I took my own snacks on the plane ride over here and it made such a HuGe difference. I also travelled with a herbal throat spray and didn't get sick once and I was travelling with 2 people who have been sick the whole time.

    • Mikaela
      August 10, 2014

      Hi Melissa,
      I am wondering where you get your chemical free eye mask? I am also looking for organic/chemical-free ear plugs? Do you know any reputable places to purchase these?
      Thank you SO much!
      Love and Light,
      Mikaela xo

    • Mem
      October 29, 2014

      Hi Melissa,
      I am just wondering where did you purchase your eye pillow from? An organic one seems hard to find.
      Thanks xo

    • Chloe
      June 30, 2015

      Ahhhh-mazing post! Thanks so much I'm going to America on Friday and would love to take my own food.. What containers do you use? I know you can only take 100mils which isn't much? I want to take chia seed porridge on the flight can't find any containers though that are just 100mils xx

      • Melissa
        July 1, 2015

        Hey Chloe,

        America whoo hooo how amazing. I use ball mason jars for everything. They are awesome.

        Have the best trip.


    • July 3, 2017

      I use Bose earphone too, they are great.
      Hubby works in the airline industry, he takes vitamins on the plane everyday he is working.
      We travel a lot overseas and with my family in Ireland it's such a long flight, so when I travel I swear by taking a double dose of Vitamins, helps Jetlag big time.

    • Cynthia
      April 9, 2019

      Hey Melissa,

      Thanks for your tips. I have a pair of Bose wireless headphones but I'm wondering what your thoughts are on using bluetooth wireless. I'm not sure what to believe if they're harmful to your health or not. Would love to hear your thoughts.


      • April 9, 2019

        Hey Cynthia, great question... I personally wouldn't ever use wireless headphones because I know how detrimental Bluetooth is and I don't want that near my brain. But that's my opinion. I hope that helps. xx

        • Cynthia
          April 9, 2019

          Thanks so much! It does help but just wondering do you use them with the cable or is there another way you use them? Cause the ones you link to above are a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones which is what I currently have. Thanks so much x

        • April 12, 2019

          Yes the ones I have are with the cable. xx

    • Sandra
      August 27, 2019

      Hi Melisssa,

      Love the article! I travel a lot for work, and would love to invest in some noise cancelling headphones. However, I'm really struggling to find some noise cancelling headphones that are not wireless and bluetooth, and have a cable. The ones you link to are wireless, but I know you said you use cable ones. Could you please link me to the pair that you use?
      Thanks so much!

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