How To Tell Yourself High Vibe Stories To Create Your Dream Life

How To Tell Yourself High Vibe Stories To Create Your Dream Life







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This is why we need to become aware of our stories — because they’re shaping our lives, whether we like it or not, and whether we realise it or not.

Things like…

If I eat this, I’ll get fat… that’s a story.

This will make me bloated and sick… story.

This food will flair up my X… story.

I need to exercise daily to stay fit… story.

If I even *look* at carbs, I put on weight… story.

I must save all my money and not spend it, otherwise I will have none left… story.

People don’t like me… story.

I am not good at X… story. 

My kids/partner/colleague need me… story.

I can’t do this because of Y… story. 

I’m just naturally a messy person… story.

I’ve always been bad at sports… story.

That will never happen to me because of X… story.

There’s no conscious men/women out there… story.

I am so tired/busy/stressed/overwhelmed… story.

There’s never enough hours in the day… story.

I can’t afford that… story.

I’m too XYZ for that… story.

My kids are always X… yep, you guessed it: story.

Everything we tell ourselves whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’… it’s ALL a story, and we must become aware of these stories because they shape who we are and who we will become. 

So, what stories ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ are you currently telling yourself? Without judgment, make a ‘healthy story’ list, and then an ‘unhealthy’ one. Write them down so you can shine light on them.

Become aware and ask yourself what stories are holding you back from living as your highest self? Get honest with yourself and let it out. Then catch them when they pop up and flip them to something more high vibe and inspiring. 

Our stories shape our world and are moulding our future.

Let me share an example from my own life… 

When I was a professional dancer, actress and TV presenter I used to always think that there “weren’t enough hours in the day”. I’d hear these words running through my head as I dashed from one audition to another, and as a result, I’d always feel rushed and frazzled. 

Eventually, I realised that “there aren’t enough hours in the day” was just a big, giant, limiting STORY. So I decided to change it.

These days, the story I tell myself is this: “Time is on my side, and I have an abundance of it.”

And you know what? I have a full life, run multiple companies, have a bunch of creative projects on the go, I am a stepmum, a wife… but I don’t feel rushed. I have MORE than enough hours in the day. In fact, my days feel spacious and abundant. And nothing changed except the story I told myself…

That’s the power of our own stories.

So stop holding yourself back with your limiting stories. 

Tell inspiring and high vibe stories instead, because that’s what will help you live in alignment with your highest self and that’s what will allow you to manifest your dream life. 

Now I’m curious to hear: what’s one limiting story you are currently telling yourself, and what is the high vibe story you can replace it with? Share with me below. And remember, you can flip your stories to high vibe ones whenever you choose. The choice is always yours and it’s always there.

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