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I would love more wealth and abundance in all areas of my life
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Which is why, as a thank you for being so honest and completing this questionnaire, I have created a guided Fabulously Healthy Meditation just for you.

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I Believe In You!

Which is why, as a thank you for being so honest and completing this questionnaire, I have created a guided Wildly Wealthy Meditation just for you.

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I Believe In You!

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What if you could manifest your dream life with supersonic speed, and create all the health, wealth and heart-thumping love you desire?

MA Manifestation Kit

Got a vision board packed with pics, but not much to show for it? Or dreams that light you up, yet that seem further away than ever? I get it beautiful, and I know it’s totally frustrating.

But did you know that there’s actually a way to get the Universe to serve up everything you’ve ever dreamed of? Yep, for real — a kick-ass life is yours for the taking. And I can show you how...

This powerful Manifestation Kit is the key to bringing your big, beautiful dreams to life. Inside you’ll find four potent tools...

As seen in...

When combined, these babies will help you unlock my EXACT strategies for calling in abundance and manifesting like a mofo...

The FASTEST way to manifest your dream life is to get strategic and conscious in the three most important life areas — health, wealth and love. Which is exactly what this kit will help you do...

Get wildly wealthy...
My meditation tracks on money and manifestation are simply the BEST way to help you get rid of your limiting beliefs, rewire your mindset, and become the powerful money manifestor you were born to be...(Prepare to become a magnet for abundance!)
Fabulously healthy...
Not only will you get access to my ULTIMATE secrets for radiant health in my best-selling 12 Steps to Wellness, you’ll also get your hands on my absolute FAVOURITE recipes — and the food philosophy I swear by — in my latest release, The Glow Kitchen (book + audiobook). It’s next-level nourishment, straight from my table to yours...
And bursting with love...
With gorgeous meditations designed to elevate your self-worth, peace, gratitude and more, I’ve got you sorted on the love front. But even more powerfully, as your health + wealth start to soar, you’re going to feel so freaking amazing inside your own skin that your relationships can’t help but take flight...

This Manifestation Kit is perfect for you if...

MA Manifestation Kit
  • You’ve got big dreams and goals for your life... but have been having trouble figuring out how to actually make them happen.
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there when it comes to health, wealth and love. You just want someone you can trust — who’s actually walked the path themselves — to tell it to you straight.
  • You’re feeling stuck in certain areas of your life and want to skyrocket yourself to the next level.
  • You’re sick of seeing other people kick goals and achieve awesome things (and sometimes find yourself wondering whether they’ve got some secret insider info that you don’t!)
  • You value practical tools and strategies — things that actually work. (And you’re not afraid to dig in and give things a go, especially when you’re achieving epic results.)

Basically, if you’ve been wishing, waiting and dreaming of a better life, but haven’t known how to make it a reality, this is for you...

Click ADD TO CART now, and get your hands on my top selling products, all in one beautiful bundle...

  • Meditations By Melissa, Series One — 6 powerful guided meditations to support you in manifesting a life that’s wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love.
  • Meditations By Melissa, Series Two — 6 more guided meditations, specially formulated to accelerate your growth and pump up your levels of passion and purpose.
  • 12 Steps To Wellness — My guide to fabulous, fist-pumping, whole-hearted health. (The original and still the best!)
  • The Glow Kitchen — With both the eBook AND the audiobook available for instant download, you’ll love this no B.S. guide to sexy skin, humming hormones, and food that will rock your world!

These products normally retail for $91, but in this Manifestation Kit, you get ‘em all for just $79.

Manifestation Kit

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Hear what our tribe have to say about these powerful manifesting tools...

“Melissa's meditation series’ are amazing!”

“Melissa's meditation series’ are amazing! They have helped me calm my mind and really change the way I look and think about certain things. They are also a great stress reliever. They make you feel positive and have a fantastic view of life. I honestly couldn't do without them. They are truly amazing, just like the beautiful lady herself.”
Michelle Bovis

“After downloading one free meditation I instantly knew that I'd love the rest of her work!”

“For me, Melissa's voice was that perfect balance of soothing and relaxing which was really important to me when I was looking for guided meditations. After downloading one free meditation I instantly knew that I'd love the rest of her work so I purchased both her guided meditation series’ and haven't looked back. They have come in handy time and time again and in various situations. Situations like when I've needed to ground myself, or I'm stressed out and my anxiety is getting out of control. When I was facing breast cancer I'd find myself turning to her to help myself get through another day of surgery or treatment. Melissa's simply the right fit and I know her meditations work for me. You can't put a price on that kind of service. ”
Lia Halsall

“The recipes are really the icing on the sugar free, dairy free, gluten free cake!”

“The recipes in The Glow Kitchen are flat-out delicious (the slow-cooked lamb has become a staple in our house!). But even better is the beautiful way that Melissa leads us through her entire philosophy around health and wellness. With so many heart-fuelled insights and soulful strategies, this book is guaranteed to help you bring next-level nourishment to your table -- and your life. ”
Jessica Larsen, Hello Wordsmith.

“This book has legitimately changed my life.”

“The best decision I've made this year was purchasing 12 Steps To Wellness. It’s packed full of tools, recipes and affirmations that gave me the kick up the bum I needed to start my transformation into a healthier and happier me. This book has legitimately changed my life. Thank you Melissa. ”
Donna McKenna

My love-fuelled guarantee

While I’d love to tell you that the nanosecond you download this program, your dream life will be manifested in an instant, it’s simply not the case. Even though this toolkit is insanely powerful, you STILL NEED TO DO THE WORK.

BUT, what I can say is this: if you’re willing to create space in your heart and in your life to truly embrace these tools and the divine self-love habits that go with them, I’m confident you’ll be able to manifest your little tushie off and absolutely create the life you’ve been aching for.

In fact, I’m so confident in the quality of these tools (and I’m so sure that you’re gonna love them) that I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, after 30 days of using the Manifestation Kit, you decide that it’s not for you, my team will refund the purchase price with no questions asked. Simply shoot us an email and we’ll arrange your refund tout de suite.

What are the tech requirements for the Kit? Click for the Answer

Basically, if you’ve got an internet connection, you’re good to go! All the resources can be found in the membership site (and your login details will be sent to you in an email). You can download the tools to your desktop computer at your leisure, then transfer to whatever device you like.

I’ve already got one of the tools in the kit. Can I exchange it for something else? Click for the Answer

Unfortunately, the contents of the Kit are not interchangeable. However, if you’ve already purchased one of the tools, you’re welcome to gift your second copy to a friend.

How will this Kit help me manifest my dream life?Click for the Answer

Some people think that manifesting their dream life is as simple as popping a few pics on their vision board and sending a wish out into the Universe... Nuh-uh, sista! If you truly want to attract the abundance you crave, you have start by focusing on your mindset, then taking inspired action, then keeping on going ‘til you get what you want. I personally selected the four tools in this Kit because they’ll fast-track your ability to do exactly that. They’ll help you clear out your limiting beliefs to get your mindset right, equip you with the knowledge and insights you need to move towards your goals, then empower you to embed these newfound behaviours and self-care habits into your daily life. (This last part is essential if you want to master the art of ongoing, sustainable manifestation.)

What kind of results can I expect? Click for the Answer

That’s completely up to you, beautiful. If you read through the books and have a quick listen to the meditations, you’ll arm yourself with some fantastic info and find yourself inching ever closer to your healthiest, happiest self. BUT, if you get SERIOUS about actually using these tools in your everyday life — making the meditations part of your daily routine, following the 12 steps to wellness, cooking the divine food and embracing the eating philosophy from The Glow Kitchen — you’ll be blown away by how much your life changes. Dynamic wellness, feel-it-in-your-bones vitality, a sense of sacred inner stillness, and the ability to attract in all that you desire… The choice is in your hands, gorgeous!

Loving Customer Support

Not sure how something works? Having trouble accessing these powerful Manifestation tools? Email and my loving customer support team and I are ready to help you out so you’ll have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Rock Solid Results

Not only have the tools in this Manifestation Kit helped me become wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy, and bursting with love, they’ve also helped thousands of women across the globe to do the same. (Side effects include inner peace, thriving relationships, and more energy than you can poke a (celery) stick at!)

Actionable Strategies

Forget about wishy-washy advice with no follow-through. The power of this toolkit is that it’s all INSTANTLY actionable and ready to implement, which means you’ll start experiencing the benefits straight away. (Seriously, I dare you to not feel fist-pumpingly awesome after a single week of using the Kit!)

Effortless Listening & Reading

Enjoy these resources on your desktop, mobile, tablet, or MP3 player. With such high quality production and gorgeous design, you’re in for an absolute treat!

“Melissa's meditations changed my life!”

“Melissa's meditations changed my life! As someone who has struggled with anxiety and making time to relax, meditation had always seemed so foreign to me. Any time I tried to sit in silence, I just couldn't do it. Melissa's guided meditations help me focus my breathing and quieten the Mean Girl chatter in my head. Each morning I select a meditation for my mood, or how I wanted to shape my day. The Forgiveness Meditation is one of my favourites.”
Hollie Azzopardi

“I absolutely LOVED it!”

“Every morning without fail, before I start my day, I do Melissa’s meditations. It’s something that I have made part of my daily ritual for about 12 months. It’s an absolute MUST for me now. For ages I wanted to get into meditation but never really felt that I connected with it, until I came across Melissa's Series One Meditations. I absolutely LOVED it! So much so that when her second series was released, I bought that literally straight away. Melissa's guided meditations have not only helped me set up my day, they have been, what I believe, the underlying reason as to why I am manifesting my dream life. Since listening to them daily, I have felt calmer, more in control, more grateful and more powerful in the sense I am now able to call in exactly what I desire.”
Alissa Buttiglieri

“Well researched, packed full of powerful content and nourishing recipes.”

“As a busy full-time Mum of two young boys and a “run off my feet” small business owner, this ebook is EXACTLY what I needed to get my health, and the health of my family, back on track! Well researched, packed full of powerful content and nourishing recipes. The Glow Kitchen has definitely set us on the path to true wellness! ”
Georgie Duddie

“The perfect place to start if you want to upgrade every part of your life.”

“12 Steps To Wellness is the perfect place to start if you want to upgrade every part of your life. Melissa generously shares the wealth of knowledge she has personally road-tested to live a life that is wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love. And don't we all want in on that!?”
Sacha Marie Curtis

Two Easy Payments

$91 2 Payments of $45.50 Add to Cart ADD TO CART

Single Payment

$91 $79 (Save $11) Add to Cart ADD TO CART

  For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server.

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