How To Forgive Yourself


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Do you sometimes struggle to forgive yourself? Do you beat yourself up for past “mistakes”? Are you compassionate with everyone else… but struggle to offer compassion to yourself?

Join me for this short but powerful podcast episode, where we delve deep into self compassion and letting go, and flip everything we thought we knew about forgiveness on its head.

If you’re SO ready to let go of the past, give yourself a break, and find your way back to love, then pop in those earbuds… this episode is for you.

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Happy Monday!

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    • Asya N.
      October 13, 2020

      This podcast really helped me to have some compassion towards myself..I am a college student and my classes are not going great. I was feeling terrible about myself that I procrastinate, and run away from my responsibilities. The truth is hating myself doesn’t really work, and it makes me procrastinate even more. So, thank you for this podcast. I’ve listened to your podcast published in lavendaire, you were such an inspiration and so I’ve just ordered your books, and followed you on IG! I can not wait to read your books. I would love to listen a podcast from you about how to overcome the fear of starting and beating procrastination. When I know that I am already very behind, how can I stand back up and complete all the tasks I should have from weeks before?
      Thank you.
      Much love,

      • October 16, 2020

        Hey Asya, I’m so glad you got a lot from this episode, what were your top 3 key takeaways? I would love to hear. Thank you for this idea, I will do an episode for you on it. In the meantime read this, you might get a lot out of it. xx

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