I’m so glad you’re here, beautiful

Pour yourself a cuppa, get comfy, and let’s get to know each other…

Remember when you used to be that girl who didn’t know what she wanted?

The one who just moved through the motions – attending parties, hanging onto toxic relationships, working a soulless job, eating crap, and totally drowning in the daily grind? And all the while, on the inside, you were silently screaming for help, and trying so damn hard to break free from the destructive cycle that had sucked you in?

If you know this story all too well, then we’ve got a lot in common.

Because I was that girl.

It took some time, but eventually I managed to climb out of the negative spiral I was in and create a life that I actually wanted.

Which means that these days? I live every day from my heart. I choose love over fear. And I’ll tell you something, beautiful — I ain’t ever going back!

I’ve learned a lot along the way. And I’m still learning (and still getting the occasional ass-whooping from the Universe!). And I love sharing all of it here with you, in my books, blog posts, podcasts, on social media and more.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Melissa. And I’m the straight-talking, ass-kicking, pump-you-up bestie you always wished for (and who’s always got your back). My mission is to help women create a vibrant, fulfilling life — one that you’re actually excited to get out of bed in the morning for, and that genuinely makes you feel like the stunning, powerful being you are.

Because you know what? Keeping yourself small and stuck isn’t serving anyone (least of all you).

The truth is, strong is sexy, healthy is liberating and ‘wealthy’ isn’t a dirty word.

And those secret, soul-stirring visions you have for yourself? You know, the ones you’re almost too scared to admit how badly you want them? They’re all possible, and they all start with self-love…

… Which means, beautiful: they all start with YOU.

It’s my dream that women everywhere will wake up each morning thinking

“I’m freakin’ awesome!”

And let me tell you, beautiful — you are!

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My Story

Hey beautiful, I’m so glad you want to find out more about me and my journey.

Grab yourself an organic herbal tea and let’s get cosy and intimate...

My intention is to share my knowledge and wisdom to help you create the life of your dreams. Because why the heck not! I believe that we create our own reality moment by moment.

I am a truth seeker, love, spirit and inspiration junkie, organic lifestyle lover, photography wannabe and fashion appreciator, who is living her dreams. I wake up each morning with the intention to live from my heart, and have to pinch myself because my reality is wilder than my dreams.

I believe we came here to live a full life. Not to play small or be chained to a desk we hate, but to make a life not a living.

"I believe that we create our own reality moment by moment."

I have to be honest with you though, I haven’t always been on this journey. In my ‘past life’ (as I like to call it) I was a professional dancer at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, actress, TV presenter and the occasional model. I entertained quite a destructive path for many years which looked a lot like this.

Running around at a million miles per hour to avoid sitting with myself, travelling the world and living out of a suitcase, working way too much in order to 'feel' successful, not loving myself at all, I was highly stressed and anxious, drugs and alcohol were my go-to quick fixes, I was dealing with panic attacks and lived off champagne and canapés. And my anxiety would allow me on average four hours sleep a night.

Living like this it was only a matter of time before my exhausted body packed up and went on holidays. Along with adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems, high levels of mercury, serious hormonal imbalances, depression, an eating disorder, loads of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, SIBO, hives, candida, adult acne, eczema all over my body and a serious case of the cold sore virus, my body was screaming at me to STOP. It was sending me loud, bright red, warning signs that it had had enough. My entire immune system shutdown and the severity of the cold sore virus sent me straight to hospital. My life was a mess and I looked like a mess. I had cold sores all over my face, in my mouth and down my throat, I couldn’t eat, talk or even open my mouth. It looked like someone had taken a blow torch to my face.

Looking back it was such a pivotal moment for me as the one thing I needed in order to work was my body and that was now taken away from me. It was the first time I realised that if you don't have your health you've got nothing. It’s like the universe was saying to me “you aren’t meant to be doing this anymore sweetheart and the only way you will listen is if we make you stop”. Got the lesson ;) In hospital I started reading Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life and it all started to click. It was like everything started to make sense. Prior to landing in hospital I spent an extremely long and exhausting year in and out of emergency and the doctor’s office being a pin board and ignoring all the signs to slow down. That week in the hospital was the last straw for me!

It was my wake up call...

I realised I had to take back control of my health, my life, and my happiness.

I had some pretty big realisations in hospital.

  • I realised that I had no idea what self love was but I had to learn it quick.
  • I realised I had to start to take responsibility for my own health and happiness.
  • I realised I was the only person who could help me.
  • I realised that the decision to live my best life lay with me.
  • I realised I had to stop looking outside of myself to find happiness and start to connect with my inner self, my truth, my spirit, the bigger me.
  • I realised I needed to master my inner Mean Girl if I wanted to live my dream life.

Throughout my journey I realised

just how out of balance my life was in all areas and how I was always looking externally instead of internally for happiness, acceptance and approval. I was experiencing extreme emotional highs and lows and I was on a constant roller-coaster ride of sugar highs and lows. It wasn’t fun! This sparked a thought within me, If I was feeling like this, how many other people out there must be struggling with the same thing?

I Was Determined To Heal Myself Naturally And Get My Health And Life Sorted

So I applied to study at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition to get my holistic health coaching certification. I studied yoga, meditation, life coaching, read every book I could get my hands on, and became obsessed with sharing everything I was learning. I could never have imagined what has unfolded for me since then. Stuff beyond my wildest dreams.

My intention is to empower you in all areas of your life, your health, wealth and love. To step up and to help you fall head over heels back in love with the babe staring at you in the mirror. How we feed and treat our bodies is a direct reflection of how we are truly feeling about ourselves.

So, my darling – do you love the heck out of yourself? I sure as hell didn’t! But I learned to fall in love with myself, how to look after myself and how to feed my mind, my body and my spirit the best, most nourishing things Mother Nature has to offer. I learn how to master my inner Mean Girl and become Wildly Wealthy, Fabulously Healthy and Bursting With Love.


I want to help
you do the same...



If you are still reading, thank you. I’m so excited to support your growth. The best way to stay up to date is by joining the tribe at the bottom of this page.

Liberate your life, strip off the fear, wash away the self doubt and dress yourself in health, wealth and love.

Professional Bio

Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl and Open Wide, host of number one podcast 'The Melissa Ambrosini Show', a motivational speaker and self-love teacher. Named a 'self-help guru' by Elle Magazine, her message — that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word — has inspired women across the globe to activate their dreams and live life on their own terms.

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Credit: Bayleigh Vedelago

Speaking and Events

Melissa is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers. Her core message — that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word — has helped audiences across the globe to take ownership of their lives and unlock their full potential.

Her events are highly entertaining, empowering, and engaging, inspiring the audience to take action and turn their health, wealth or love goals into reality.

Melissa uses an interactive speaking style — using anecdotes, stories, and real-world tools to take her audience on a heart-opening journey. Participants walk away buzzing — not only pumped full of inspiration but clutching a notepad packed full of practical tips, tricks and serious action steps to take their life to the next level.

Some of Melissa’s favourite topics to speak on include busting through fear and mastering your inner critic (aka your inner Mean Girl) so you can create, manifest and live the life of your dreams, mindfulness and meditation and living a meaningful life, following your intuition, creating abundance, finding your passion, work/life integration, kicking ass at business and life, living on purpose, mastering your ‘why’ and mission in life, conscious sex, the masculine and feminine, calling in your soul mate, cultivating epic relationships, smashing through limiting beliefs and self-love.

As a leading figure in the personal development industry, Melissa has spoken at numerous high-profile events, including Wanderlust Festival, Google, The Wellness Festival and Business Chicks.

She is available for bookings for keynote presentations, workshops, Q&A style live events, festivals, conferences, educational talks in schools, intimate gatherings and more.

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