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So let's take the guesswork out of it, shall we?

show me how

You'd do ANYTHING to conceive, have a happy, thriving baby and actually enjoy motherhood

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Heck, you can practically feel a little one in your arms already.

It feels like you were born to be a mama. 

You want to do everything you possibly can to optimize your body, mind and soul for conception, to have the healthiest pregnancy possible, to rock childbirth like the goddess you are, and to be a present, patient, playful parent… but for the love of cashew cheese, where do you start?!

There’s so much conflicting advice out there, it can feel overwhelming — Who should you listen to? Who can you trust?

You’re already worried you’re not doing enough for your baby. (In fact, sometimes you feel quite anxious about the whole process!)

You want to set your baby up for the best start in life… but is that even possible? And if so, how?! 

Really, you’d love it if someone you trust could just cut through the noise and tell you what works, what doesn’t, and how to get the most out of the journey — for both you and your future baby. 

Even better if it’s someone who’s as obsessed with holistic health as you are, and who’s studied all this stuff themselves as though they were studying for a PhD…

You’d ALSO love to hear from world renowned experts in all these areas — the best-in-class experts who know *exactly* what to do to get results.

(Um, and if you were able to hear these experts speak live, and actually ask them your personal questions, that would be a huge dream come true!)

Babe, if that sounds like you, you're in the right place.



with Melissa Ambrosini


This program has been nine years in the making.

The world’s most comprehensive holistic program that brings together world-class experts, deeply personal insights, and a whole lot of soul to walk you through every single aspect of bringing your baby earthside — from conception and pregnancy, through to empowered birthing and becoming the conscious mama you were born to be.

Say no more! I'm in!

From the moment I met Nick in 2013, I knew I wanted to have a baby one day. 

Even though we were still a long way off being ready, I threw myself into studying every single aspect of conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting with more passion than I’d ever studied anything before. I wanted to do *everything* I possibly could to prepare my body, mind and soul for motherhood; it felt like something I was born to do.

In 2019, when we were finally ready to ‘go for it’, I thought we’d get pregnant straight away. Um, no. We kept trying, month after month, the disappointments mounting and my heart breaking every time my period came.

During that time I was in the unique position of having a top-rated podcast, which meant that I had rarified access to leading experts and practitioners from all over the world — people you usually have to pay thousands to even get in a room with (and that’s assuming you can get past their months- or years-long wait list). Many of them no longer accepted clients at all.

But here I was, able to speak to the best of the best. To pick their brains, get the insider info, learn what *really* worked (and what didn’t) — especially when it came to cutting edge holistic stuff that was lightyears beyond what the current “best practice” was.

I tried it all, did it all, and threw myself into it like my life depended on it. (Because to be honest, it felt like it did.)

And it worked. We conceived our spirit baby. And our beautiful baby girl was born in 2021. It was one of the best moments of my entire life.

The stuff I learned on that journey made ALL the difference. My daughter is literally here, on this planet, because of it.

And it feels like part of my life’s work to share it here, with you.

I knew that I needed to get this information into as many hands and hearts as possible, so that it could change the lives of other women and families like it did for us. 

So I took everything, distilled it all down to the crème de la crème, got the world-class experts who’d changed my life to jump onboard, added in the spiritual stuff that had soothed my soul along the way, and it became Wholy Mama™.

Wholy Mama™ contains everything you need to set your baby up for a lifetime of thriving, and to set you up for the divine motherhood experience you’ve always dreamed of.

Combining expert interviews with my personal insights, powerful tools, comprehensive techniques, Q&A sessions and more... 

WHOLY MAMA is for you if:

You know there are no guarantees in life, but you want to do everything possible to stack the odds in your favor and give your baby the healthiest possible start in life.

Maybe you’ve struggled with conceiving or miscarriage in the past (or have witnessed friends and loved ones go through that agonising heartache) and you’d love to know what the science *actually* says about optimizing your body for baby.

You’ve seen the stats about childhood conditions like autism, asthma, allergies — and that’s just the letter A! Frankly, it’s scary, and you’re committed to taking action NOW to lay the foundations of lifelong health for your baby.

Maybe you already have a child (or a few!) but you’d like your next pregnancy and birth to be different — more aligned, more empowered, more holistic, more *you*.

You’re planning a baby soon, or you’re already pregnant, and you want to make sure you’re doing everything you possibly can for your future bubba and are covering all your bases.

Maybe a baby is still a long way off, but you know that “one day” you’d like to be a mama. (It’s never too early to start learning this stuff, beautiful — I personally started nine whole years before I was ready to have a baby!)

You want to be the best parent you can be — conscious, connected, and deeply committed to your little one’s growth and development.

It's everything you need, all in one place.

yep, this is me!

Live training sessions & Q&A calls, all hosted by me. (Hear my personal insights, ask me your burning questions, & get insider info I don’t share anywhere else)

Never-before-seen interviews with WORLD CLASS EXPERTS (the kind of people whose names appear on bestselling books, and who no longer offer 1:1 consults)

Learn at home, 
and go at your own pace. Replays are available for all sessions (so you can watch and re-watch at your leisure)

Enjoy on any device with ongoing access for the life of the program, plus easy access with our beautiful app.

the live 8-week program kicks off on: 



The ultimate guide to conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting — no need to look anywhere else.

You'll walk away feeling calm, empowered, and confident that you're doing everything you possibly can for both your future baby and yourself. 

And the results speak for themselves...


Your pregnancy content has been extraordinarily helpful both pre and now during pregnancy. Honestly to have it all in one place - game changer. I'm exploring my birth options, for a natural non-hospital birth, non toxic products and postnatal care. 



I think you are brave to talk about the fact that you didn’t get pregnant on the first try, and that it took a little while to get there. That vulnerability is what is really helping me as I am in the same situation.



I do believe our next child (whenever we decide to have another) it will be much more consciously done. I am much more connected and I do believe it will make a huge difference to my pregnancy as well. I think understanding how to honor our bodies through these times and not slam ourselves and expect to still be doing what we always did was a great reflection for me. 






Your sharing about conception and pregnancy have supported not only me but us as a couple. It gave us hope to know other ‘healthy’ humans were struggling too with conception. It wasn’t just us was the most reassuring. We are now expecting a little girl at the end of the year. I also LOVED the pregnancy video series. Once we got pregnant I binged watched them and loved all the info and honest experiences you and Nick shared. 



Your journey to motherhood changed and shifted me so much that in this journey I’m now home birthing and truly committed to my postpartum care and moving away from “mama guilt”. Watching you navigate motherhood makes me ask myself questions and that sparks change within my own life. Honestly, there’s nothing better when you follow people who teach you how to become a better, stronger you in a loving way. 



Not many people open up about the first trimester especially week by week. It’s such a scary, unknown, overwhelming, lonely time (or it was for me!) It was nice to have that comfort from someone who has been there before and knowing what to maybe expect in those weeks. It’s so helpful and I’m so grateful for your content.






I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant with my first baby and you’re inspired me to consider an unmedicated birth. 



Your recommendation helped me so much during two miscarriages and I just knew during the third pregnancy it was my babies time to come earth side. Thank you for passing on that experience. 



Now that I am pregnant I go back and listen and can relate to a lot of it. I have a very similar philosophy as you on health so for me it all has been great! I love the product recommendations, I learn about the meal train from you, perinatal massage, natural remedies for morning sickness (which helped me!), de-armoring (never heard of that one before!) and lots more!






It’s helped me because we’re struggling to conceive and everybody around us seems to conceive on the 1st or 2nd try so it’s helpful and hopeful knowing it took you guys a few attempts. Thanks for sharing this intimate info and normalizing it. 



What you shared about activated folate vs folic acid, the healing process you did with your midwife, the perineal massage, the mothers blessing, 40 days postpartum to bond and heal was all so helpful and supportive for me.



I'm 19 and not looking to have a baby any time soon but I LOVE your content on all the pregnancy, babies and parenting stuff. Not only is it all super informative and educational but what I have found MOST helpful is the WAY that you discuss these topics. Growing up, I have always loved talking about pregnancy and labor Iam not sure why, but I think it stemmed from a place of fear. I only ever heard about how scary it is and how painful and stressful it is and it wasn’t until I heard your stories that I decided I can change that narrative and have more control over it, and that it can be beautiful and exciting and doesn’t need to be something I spend the next 10 years in fear of.






I have gain priceless confidence and knowledge before trying for our first bub next year. I have have been so grateful for your pregnancy, birth & bub content. I’ve never taken such rigorous notes 😂


Emma D.

Your vulnerable sharing about your conception helped me so much. It made me feel less alone during a very difficult time. After years of TTC and IVF, we are finally pregnant with twins (26 weeks). Thank you for your openness.


Jess W.

So many things that you’ve shared that have helped me on my pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey. You contributed to my confidence to have a magical home birth and also spend the first 4 weeks at home with no visitors to heal, recover, focus on breastfeeding and bonding with bub (best decision I ever made!). Your information about supplements during pregnancy also helped me. I love hearing/seeing what you feed your daughteri as this has given me some great ideas for when our babe is ready to start solids. You’re a constant reminder for me to make sure my cup is filled so I can be the best Mumma to our babe. You’re constantly inspiring me in so many ways. Thank you for all that you share with the world.





Aimee Raupp

(It's the kind of unprecendented access that money literally can't buy)

Dr Nat Kringoudis
Dylan Smith

Check-out this dream line-up of expert guests

Herbalist, Natural Fertility Expert, Acupuncturist & Author 

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Natural Fertility Practitioner, Women’s Health Expert & Author

Ayurvedic Practitioner & Holistic Health Educator

Alisa Vitti

Functional Nutritionist, Women’s Hormone Expert, & Author of WomanCode

Jane Hardwicke Collings
Laura Plumb

World Renowned Author, Former Midwife, & Agent of the Goddess

 Ayurvedic Expert

Jemma Edwards

(a.k.a. Womb Whisperer) Midwife & Women's Pelvic Bodyworker


Doula & Birth Mentor

Dhyana Masla

Ayurvedic Expert & Author of ‘Ayurveda Mama’

Dr Golly
Dr Pedram Shojai
Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Pediatrician & Baby-Sleep Whisperer

The Urban Monk & Conscious Parenting Expert

Matrescence Activist & Coach, Host of The Happy Mama Movement Podcast & Author 

Dr Elisa Song

Holistic Pediatrician, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Homeopath & Acupuncturist 

Dr Stephen Cabral

Integrative Doctor & Author of The Postnatal Depletion Cure

Naturopath, Ayurvedic & Functional Medicine Practitioner & Author

Rachel Nicks

Doula, Lactation Counselor, Pre & Postnatal Certified Fitness Instructor

Dr Cleopatra Kamperveen

Scientist & Tenured Professor Who Pioneered The Field Of Fertility Biohacking & Creating Superbabies

Dr Sarah Buckley

Family Physician, Author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

Debra Pascali-Bonaro

Doula, Author & Director of Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret


here's what we cover:

Module 01

Conscious Conception

Weeks 1 + 2

My long and deeply personal journey to get pregnant — and what I did to break the cycle of self-doubt and suffering while calling in my spirit baby

The supplements nobody tells you about that prime your body for babies

How to stay hopeful, positive and trusting on the path to conscious conception

How to be your own ‘fertility detective’ — including the tests to consider, the practitioners you may wish to consult with, and the hidden blocks that may be holding you back

Plus: Everything your partner can do to prepare for a healthy conception and maximize their sperm health and motility (yep, it takes two to tango!)

How to optimize your mind, body and soul to consciously conceive

The nutritional and lifestyle strategies to become your most fertile, happy and healthy self

What every woman needs to know about egg quality (and why it’s never too early — or too late — to make significant improvements in this area)

The power of surrender during the conception process (Or: how to avoid becoming a big ball of stress while you’re going for it!)


Natural fertility expert Aimee Raupp has a massive portfolio of pregnancy success stories to her name — and has helped women get pregnant when everyone else had given up on them. 

If you want to avoid or overcome fertility issues, massively boost your body’s ability to conceive, and discover the little known techniques that can help you get pregnant faster, then this masterclass will be a dream come true. (And if you’re looking to get pregnant in your late 30s or 40s you simply can’t afford to miss it.)

Aimee Raupp

What are the most potent natural solutions for optimizing fertility? How can we get our hormones humming and primed for conception? Dr Nat Kingroudis, Women’s Health Expert & Author, has the answers.

Drawing on her extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and natural fertility practices, Nat will be walking us through the fundamentals of conscious conception, the secret to happy hormones, and the #1 thing she wants EVERY woman to know before conceiving.

Dr Nat Kringoudis

The ancient science of Ayurveda has so much to teach us about holistic methods for conceiving and optimizing fertility — and there is no one I trust more in this area, and who’s more skilled, knowledgeable and strategic, than Ayurvedic expert Dylan Smith.

From the herbs that can transform your health, to the little-known supplements that have been enhancing people’s fertility for millennia, to the doshic approach to pregnancy, we cover it all in this empowering advanced masterclass.

dylan smith

Module 02


Weeks 3 + 4

Why it’s so incredibly important to be gentle with yourself and to surround yourself with joy and pleasure while you’re growing a human

How to baby-proof your relationship so that your connection with your partner is deeper than ever as you go through this mega transition

My personal pregnancy experience — including the exact supplement regime I used, the tests I did, the practitioners I saw, the woo woo things I did, and the mantras I swore by

Plus: How to deal with the unsupportive stuff people say to you when you're pregnant and how to stop random people from telling you their horror birthing stories. (This happened to me)

How to give your baby the best shot at a lifetime of health through a nutritionally optimized, holistic pregnancy

The surprising foods to avoid during pregnancy (that no doctor will tell you)

Powerful steps to prime your endocrine system through each trimester

The daily routines and self care rituals to support and care for your pregnant temple

Why it’s CRUCIAL to be impeccable with your thoughts, words and self-talk always but especially during pregnancy

The holistic practices to prime your body for birth — including yoni mapping, perineal massage and more


Women’s hormone expert Alisa Vitti is the go-to secret weapon for Hollywood celebrities, CEOs, athletes and more who want to unlock the secrets of their hormonal cycles and optimize their bodies for pregnancy. She’s been featured in the New York Times, Vogue, Forbes, Shape and more. To put it simply, in the world of women’s health, she’s a HUGE deal!

In this advanced masterclass, you’re going to hear the techniques, supplements, tools, protocols and more that Alisa uses with her high profile clients — including how to manage the rollercoaster of hormones in your first trimester, practical steps to radically reduce nausea and so-called ‘morning sickness’, and how to ensure your body doesn’t get depleted while it’s growing a tiny human!

Alisa vitti

Jane Hardwicke Collings — in spiritual and midwifery circles, this woman needs no introduction. Considered one of the pre-eminent guardians of the sacred birthing wisdom to which we’re ALL connected, Jane has changed the lives of countless women around the world… including me.

There’s no one I trust more than Jane when it comes to birthing without fear, healing trauma around birth (whether your own or inherited trauma), and the spiritual nature of motherhood. This mind blowing masterclass will delve into all those topics and more. If you want to know exactly how to undertake the ‘inner work’ that will set you up for a divine birth and motherhood experience, this is for you.

Jane Hardwicke Collings

Laura Plumb is an internationally recognized teacher of Ayurveda, bestselling author, and practitioner of Vedic Sciences.

She’ll be sharing the ancient Ayurvedic practices that will ensure you’re giving your body everything it needs to stay healthy and continue thriving during pregnancy, while also providing MASSIVE amounts of nutrients and energy to your growing baby. The ‘aha’ moments in this masterclass — along with the simple, doable, practical steps — can literally change your entire experience of motherhood and set the trajectory for your baby’s health and life forever.

Laura plumb

Module 03

Empowered Birthing + Postpartum

Weeks 5 + 6

The visualizations and mantras I used to prepare myself for childbirth

How to call in support PRIOR to birth, to ensure you’ve got the ‘village’ you need when your baby arrives

Understanding the crucial importance of the “fourth trimester” for both mama and baby

The lifestyle and nutritional strategies to use AFTER birth to restore your energy levels and avoid postnatal depletion

How to plan your ideal postpartum period (including the stuff that no one tells you about, but that can make such a difference in those early days)

The divine postpartum support specialists to have on speed dial (having access to this kind of support can make or break your experience)

Plus: I’ll be sharing intimate parts of my personal birth story that I’ve NEVER talked about publicly

How to have an empowered birth experience on your own terms, whether you want a hospital birth, a home birth, or anything in between

How to assemble a dream Birth Team, stacked with rockstars who’ll help you have the birthing experience you desire (and the key questions you MUST ask before hiring them)

How to create a sacred birth plan that’s aligned with your values, that covers all your bases, and that ensures your whole birth team is on the same page

What I dearly wish I’d known as a first-time birthing mama (and what I’ll do differently next time round)


To me, Jemma Edwards is not just a rockstar midwife and empowered birthing expert, she’s THE expert who helped me have a beautiful birthing experience.

Yep, that’s right — I’m sharing my own personal midwife with you. And let me tell you, this woman’s knowledge and insights are second to none. 

As well as hearing her best-ever tips for an empowered birth (including stuff that I’ve never heard anyone else talk about ever), we’ll also be discussing the techniques and approaches we used to enhance my own birthing experience. This divine, intimate, deeply personal masterclass is guaranteed to fill you with ideas, inspiration, and sacred certainty about the incredible strength and power that lives within you.

jemma Edwards

Doulas are one of the most ancient professions on earth — and Marisa Colon is at the forefront of it.

With huge compassion and insight, Marisa will be sharing her incredible wellspring of birthing knowledge with us — including how to assemble your power birth team, how to communicate your vision for a dream birth with brith team, and the life-changing lessons she’s learned after witnessing and supporting countless women enter motherhood.


What foods, supplements and herbs can help you sustain your physical, emotional and spiritual energy through childbirth? What Ayurvedic practices and rituals will enhance your recovery and help you avoid postnatal depletion? 

Dhyana Masla — author of Ayurveda Mama — is an Ayurvedic health counselor and educator. She’s here to share the ancient techniques that will help you supercharge your body’s strength and reserves during this time of massive transition, as well as the crucial steps you’ll need to take BEFORE getting pregnant again.

Dhyana Masla

In this HUGELY valuable masterclass (that’s worth the price of admission alone), we’re going to give you ALL the must-have info on the two key areas that can be *crucial* to your postpartum experience: breastfeeding and your pelvic floor.

Here to share her genius is lactation counselor and pre & postnatal fitness expert Rachel Nicks. In this masterclass, you’ll learn: the critical importance of getting a good latch, how to overcome common breastfeeding issues, why it’s essential to be gentle with yourself on your feeding journey, and the essential steps to take before and after birth to protect, strengthen and restore your pelvic floor.

Rachel Nicks

Module 04

Conscious Parenting

Weeks 7 + 8

Deciphering your child’s love language (and how this insight transformed my relationship with my bonus son)

How to really listen to your baby and understand their needs

What it means to ‘mother from your center’ (and why this approach can literally change how you feel in your day to day parenting)

Why taking care of YOURSELF is just as important as taking care of your child

How to carve out time for self care (even on those days where *everything* hits the fan)

The only parenting books you’ll ever need to be the divine mama goddess you were born to be

How to parent your little one with presence, patience, and playfulness

The secret to actually enjoying the early stages of motherhood

What ancient traditions can teach us about modern parenting

How to nurture our children to be the next generation of leaders in a deeply loving, gentle and connected way

The ‘4 S’ framework for conscious parenting and secure attachment

Everything you need to know about conscious step-parenting (including the heartfelt and hard-won lessons I’ve learned after years of being a bonus mama)


Pediatrician and father of three, Dr Golly is here to empower you with the skills and knowledge to ensure your whole family gets a good night’s sleep. His genius, evidence-based techniques have literally changed the game for thousands of families — including ours.

In this masterclass, he’ll be sharing the skills you absolutely need in your toolbox before your baby arrives, his steps for blissful nights for you and your baby, how to decipher your baby’s “magic burp” (and how this knowledge has the power to completely transform your day and night), and how to completely eradicate the dreaded witching hour (this tip alone can be life changing for all parents!).

Dr Golly

Pedram Shojai is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a New York Times best-selling author. His insights into conscious living and parenting have inspired millions of people across the globe and helped them find greater vitality and happiness in their lives.

In this down to earth, practical masterclass, he’ll be walking us through the secrets of raising resilient, wholehearted and empowered kids — including the art of connection in a distraction-filled world, how to empower your kid to be their true essential self, and the #1 thing he wants every person to know before they become parents.

Dr Pedram Shojai

The social, physical and psychological changes a woman goes through when she becomes a mama are MASSIVE. And no one knows more about how to navigate those changes and support yourself through this transition than mother and Matressence expert, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz.

I’m SO glad I knew about this stuff before my daughter arrived — I truly believe that this information is not just life changing, but also life saving. In this incredible masterclass, Amy will be sharing why the first 7 years of motherhood are absolutely crucial for both mother and baby (and why ‘mama brain’ is real — but it’s not what you think!), how to rebuild yourself through genuine self-care (even when you’re in a dark place), and what she wishes every mother on the planet knew about motherhood.

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Dr. Elisa Song, MD is an integrative pediatrician, pediatric functional medicine expert, and mama to 2 thriving children. She’s helped 1000s of kids get to the root causes of their health concerns and helped their parents understand how to help their children thrive.

The practical, evidence-based strategies she’ll be sharing in this masterclass will blow your mind. They can *literally* transform your child’s health, get their immune system off to the best possible start, and set them up for a lifetime of thriving. (When your little one skips over the usual snotty noses and endless sick days, your mama-friends will be begging for your secrets!)

Dr Elisa Song

“Your pregnancy content has been extraordinarily helpful both pre and now during pregnancy. Honestly to have it all in one place - game changer. I'm exploring my birth options, for a natural non-hospital birth, non toxic products and postnatal care. ”

- emma w.


Evidence-based strategies from the world’s leading holistic practitioners

My own experience, including the exact protocols I followed, plus deeply personal stuff I’ve never shared before

Spiritual insights, divine feminine wisdom, and sacred lessons from mamahood

i want access!

get these epic bonuses:


My Little Black Book of Best-Ever Resources for Mamas

Get my exclusive list of the must-have books, programs, podcasts, documentaries and more that will get you skilled up, confident, and HUGELY empowered for every single aspect of the journey ahead. (Includes resources I’ve never mentioned anywhere else!)


The Baby Products That Will Change Your Life

There is SO much noise out there when it comes to what products you need when your little one comes along. (There’s also so much waste! 😔) Treat this list as your mama-to-be bible whenever you go shopping to avoid wasting your hard-earned cash on stuff you’ll never use, that’s loaded with toxins, or that’s awful for the environment. (Hint: it’s also a brilliant list to give to any friends/grandparents wanting to gift you something useful for after the birth! 🙌)


E-book Value: $127

Value: $97

Printable Birth Affirmation Cards

These gorgeously designed birth affirmation cards will empower you throughout your entire pregnancy and birth. Print them out, stick them where you’ll see them, adorn your birth space with them, and affirm what a divine birthing goddess you are.


Value: $47

“I have gained priceless confidence and knowledge before trying for our first bub next year. I have have been so grateful for your pregnancy, birth & bub content. I’ve never taken such rigorous notes 😂”

- Jessie

If you want to ask me and my best-in-class guest experts your burning questions, if you want to hear my personal take on things, if you even just think that *some day* in the future you’ll want to know this stuff… Then now is the time, beautiful.

This may be the only time EVER that I’ll run Wholy Mama  LIVE.

heads up

4 x life- and health-changing modules covering all the important aspects of conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting. (Each module includes 1 x live training call and 1 x live Q&A call, all hosted by me) (Value: $1,999)

12 x Masterclasses with world class experts and holistic practitioners (Value: $12k+ — these experts all either cost thousands, have years-long wait lists, or literally DON’T see clients anymore. The level of value and access here is insane.)

BONUS #1: My Little Black Book of Best-Ever Resources for Mamas (Value: $127)

BONUS #2: The Baby Products That Will Change Your Life (Value: $97)

BONUS #3: Printable Birth Affirmation Cards (Value: $47)

Money-back Happiness Guarantee

Lifetime access to all recordings and materials as long as the program is still up 

The peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing *everything* you possibly can to set yourself up for conscious conception, a healthy pregnancy, a thriving baby, and a divine motherhood experience. (Value? Priceless)

Exclusive access to the private 'Wholy Mama™ Community' where you can get love and support on the mamahood journey

So, to sum it up...

here's what you're getting:

value packed into one epic program.

that's more than





Includes scripts for when

  • You don’t want visitors
  • You want short visits only
  • You don’t want people to kiss your baby
  • You’d prefer guests not wear perfume or deodorants  
  • You’d like to call in some help and support
  • You’d like someone to set up a meal train for you

And so much more!


(But if you struggle with setting boundaries or asking for help, it’s actually priceless!)


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Everything listed above
(valued at $14,270)

How to Accelerate Your Postpartum Recovery & Avoid Postnatal Depletion — with Dr Oscar Serrallach


So many new mamas experience tiredness, depletion, fatigue, postnatal depression and more after birth. Dr Oscar Serrallach is a leading authority on postnatal depletion, and will be answering all your burning questions about how to rebuild your body and reclaim your energy after pregnancy and birth.

(If you want to feel like yourself again after your baby arrives, and have the energy and vitality to actually enjoy those early years with your bub, this is a can’t-miss session.)


Advanced Nutritional Strategies For Pregnancy & Postpartum — with Dr Stephen Cabral

Dr Stephen Cabral is a world-renowned Ayurvedic & Functional Medicine Practitioner. He’s also THE person I turn to for next-level wellness advice — and the person who’s transformed my health more than any other expert on the planet. 

You will LOVE soaking up the advanced tips, strategies and protocols he shares in this session — it’s the stuff that can literally transform your and your baby’s health from a cellular level, and ensure a lifetime of wellness and thriving.


How To Have An Orgasmic Birth — with Debra Pascali-Bonaro

Debra is the director of the most well known documentary on Orgasmic Birth ever, and has interviewed literally HUNDREDS of experts and specialists on this topic. So to say she’s a font of knowledge on how to have the blissful, orgasmic birth of your dreams is the understatement of the century.

Whatever your questions you have on this juicy topic, bring them along to this divine session, and prepare to have your preconceived ideas about what birth *is* completely reframed — in the most lush, delicious and life-affirming way possible.


The Best-Kept Fertility Secret to Make (or Prepare For) Your Superbaby — with Dr Cleopatra Kamperveen

Holy moly, if you haven’t heard of Dr Cleopatra, your mind (and uterus!) are about to have the experience of their lives. 

This powerhouse woman is a pregnancy and fertility LEGEND. She’s a scientist and tenured USC professor who pioneered the field of fertility biohacking and creating superbabies — and she’s here to talk exclusively to our VIP Club! 

If you want to discover scientifically-proven ways to improve your fertility, unlock the techniques that will allow you to literally change the genes that you pass down to your babies and grandbabies, and FINALLY get pregnant (even if you’ve been trying for months or years and nothing else has worked), then you simply CANNOT afford to miss this incredible Q&A session.


The Sacred Art Of Gentle Birthing, Gentle Postpartum & Falling In Love With Motherhood — with Dr Sarah Buckley

If you want to ensure that your baby’s entry into the world and your entry into motherhood both get off to a safe, loving, empowering and gentle start, Dr Sarah Buckley — family physician and mother of four — has the natural, time-tested, science-backed solutions that can help you make it happen.

If you have any lingering concerns or fears you are carrying around about birth or postpartum (or maybe even from a past birth) allow this woman’s incredible warmth and wisdom to wash them away. 

Plus 5 Q&A Sessions with these incredible, world renowned experts:

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