Is Trying To Be “Spiritual” Suffocating You? Try This.


A few years back, I had a shocking realisation about myself.

I realised that even though I prided myself on my ability to listen to my body and trust my intuition… I didn’t actually trust myself at all. 

Instead, I’d actually built myself a prison — I’d created a cage of rigid rules that I followed religiously. I was convinced that following them strictly was the “spiritual” thing to do.

And seriously, I had rules for EVERYTHING…

I eat this, I don’t eat that.

I drink this, I don’t drink that.

I say these types of things, I don’t say these.

I hang out with these types of peeps, and not those ones.

I go to bed at this time, I wake up at this time. 

I vote with my dollar, so I spend money on this, but not that.

I give to this charity.

I must exercise daily. 

I must write in my gratitude journal twice a day. 

I only read these types of books (and never those ones). 

I meditate twice a day. 

Yoga is my church, I must go daily.

… and the list went on.

This rigidity felt suffocating, so one day, I decided to do something radical: drop it all and see what happened.

I’ll be honest, at first, I had some fear about this little experiment. 

I was worried that I would fall off the bandwagon completely, and start eating fast food, drinking soft drink, and partying again.

But do you know what? The exact opposite happened. 

When I dropped all the heavy dogma and actually TRUSTED my body and soul, something happened that blew my mind… I was naturally drawn to the healthy food, to my meditation pillow, and to my journal, but WITHOUT the dogma. It was so liberating. I felt so much lighter and more free.

And the funny thing was, I could have given myself that freedom at any point. The power was — and always will be — in my own hands. Same with you, beautiful.

YOU have the power to set yourself free at any time. Don’t stay trapped in a cage of dogma because you think it’s the “spiritual” thing to do.
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So tell me, what rules are you placing on yourself right now?

What dogma are you subscribing to? 

Write it all down.

Then, as an experiment, spend a week breaking your own rules, letting go of the dogma, and setting yourself free. What would that feel like, I wonder?

Report back to me, I’m excited for your experiment.   

And let me know in the comments: is there a ‘rule’ you’ve placed on yourself that has been feeling heavy and constrictive, rather than empowering and freeing? I’d love to hear about it…



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