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This is your invitation to join us on the Path to Freedom.

Picture this… It’s a typical Monday morning — you wake up leisurely, brimming with energy and pumped to start the day. Before you begin your morning routine, you sneak a peek at your phone. Just as you expected, money has flowed into your account overnight… while you were sleeping… for doing something that you LOVE.

A familiar smile lights up your face and you feel So. Damn. Grateful. for the turn your life has taken. In a matter of months, everything has changed — your stress levels, your relationships, your bank account, your health, the way you spend your days, everything… You feel more alive than you’ve felt in the longest time — maybe ever — and you’re actually turned on by your own life.

You know that some people look at you now, and think that you’re “lucky” — what with your spacious schedule, your passion-fuelled business, your Insta-worthy lifestyle, and the residual income that supports your entire family.

But you know you’re not lucky. Blessed, certainly — from the day you were born. But luck? Not so much. You know precisely how this change came about: you saw the Path to Freedom and you jumped on it — with clear eyes, open arms, and a full heart.

… and nothing’s ever been the same since.

Feeling this way about your life and your business is NOT a pipe dream. And we should know...

… Because it’s OUR life. We create our own schedules, we take holidays whenever we like, we travel to amazing places, we spend the vast majority of our time creating our soul’s work, and we have a business that supports our family abundantly… even when we’re not actually “working”.

So when the opportunity arose for us to share this lifestyle with others, we jumped on it — which is how Path to Freedom came about.

But before we get to that, let’s start at the beginning…

I fell in love with essential oils more than six years ago.

These botanical beauties popped into my life and became the bedrock of my self-care routine — lavender in my baths, peppermint for my writing sessions, sage in my medi’s, cinnamon in my morning Bulletproof, orange in my baking, lemon in my cleaning products, and frankincense? Well, frankie’s good for everything!

But I quickly came to realise something: not all oils are created equal.

If you’re a regular round these parts, you’ll know that I’m fastidious about what I put on and in my body — and of course, the oils were no exception. So I pulled on my Sherlock cap, got researching, and found that there was one company producing oils that were far and away the purest on the planet… and that company was doTERRA.

(Funnily enough, my nose and skin had already naturally steered me towards doTERRA oils as being the best smelling and ‘feeling’, but it was awesome to have proper research to back up my body’s instincts.)

I began having a full-blown love affair with these oils, so it was only a matter of time before I started recommending them to all my family and friends.

They had made such a massive impact on me, I wanted to help my loved ones experience the same kind of deepened self-care and natural plant power that had transformed our lives.

So over the years, out of passion for the product, I randomly told loads of peeps about them (and sparked many a conversion!)...

But then Mama Destiny decided to step in, in the form of my beautiful friend, Tara Bliss.

Tara has a 7-figure business, based on these beautiful oils. We’d never talked about it much — she had her biz thing, I had mine — until one day, after hearing me go on and on about the oils to a friend, my husband turned to me and said:

“Honey, you already know and love these products, and are sharing them with other people...why don’t we chat with Tara and see how you could bring them to your beautiful tribe, so they can experience them too?”

My mind was blown. I could get paid for something I was already naturally doing? Um, sign me up!

So we chatted to Tara, and she then went on to blow our minds even further:

“Guys, you know you can do more than just share these beautiful oils with your tribe, right? You can share an opportunity with them to change their entire lives and rewrite their future?”

It was in that moment — with our hearts and minds exploding with love and possibility — that we decided to officially partner with Tara and doTERRA, and add network marketing to our world.

Of course, with the two of us being who we are — a self-care passionista (Mel) and a musician/business strategy ninja (Nick) — we were never going to start your average, stock-standard Network Marketing biz.

We knew we wanted to start something next level — something that would enable every single person who partnered with us to create their own epically successful business…

That’s where Path to Freedom comes in...

Path to Freedom is a system that makes starting your doTERRA business as automated, streamlined, and ‘no-brainer-ish’ as possible…. even if you’re sooo not a biz person.

In the process of building her 7-figure per year biz (one which sets up her team to follow in her footsteps) Tara created a vault of powerhouse resources — including manuals, workshops, checklists, templates and more.

We saw these epic tools, and got excited… very excited. Here was a way to reverse engineer one of the most successful (and fastest growing) network marketing businesses on the planet, in a way that would work for ANYONE, whether they had experience or not.

So: we’ve joined forces with Tara to bring you this one-of-a-kind business opportunity — we’ve systematised and digitised all her tools (and a few of our own faves, from our own million dollar biz) and plugged them into an easy-to-use system that allows you to plug straight in, duplicate and blaze your own trail.

Essentially, this is a “business in a box”.

We’ve reverse engineered a million dollar business, so you can plug straight into it.

Just like the person who cared enough about you to send you to this page, you’ll have every single thing you need to get your doTERRA business up and running... With none of the guesswork, trial-and-error, or expensive time-wasting that usually goes into building a successful biz.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get in Path to Freedom:

  • Planning your doTERRA journey and identifying the people you’d most like to ‘free’
  • How to set goals that give you goosebumps (and the gangsta scheduling tools that’ll help you reach ‘em)
  • The best way to start sharing your passion with family and friends (and the rockstar strategy to get them interested and excited)
  • How to prep for your oil classes — including scoring an invite, the exact scripts to send to potential hosts, minimising no-shows, and how to turn one session into many!
  • EXACTLY how to lead your own essential oils session (including an hour-long Masterclass on how Tara and I host our classes, the secret weapon that unlocks sales, and how to ‘close’ your class like a goddess)
  • Delicious recipes (and other oily goodies) for you to share with your tribe — either in person or on social media (we’ve done all the hard work for you!)
  • Master the art of soulful selling (so you can lovingly inspire your tribe to shift into “Hell yes!” mode)
  • How to attract and nurture an exceptionOIL team (and how to structure it so you can ALL rank advance)
  • How to build an abundant and stable ‘tree’ within doTERRA, so that you can maximise your compensation. (There is nothing like this training anywhere — Tara has truly nailed it, and we’re SO lucky (worthy) to have her insights.)
  • All your tricky questions answered — including how to deal with doubters, how to get your partner on board, and how to explain your oily obsession to others ;)
  • Access to our monthly group Momentum Sessions — where we’ll dissect the strategies and mindset that go into creating a passion fuelled lifestyle biz (this is like having access to a high-end motivational mastermind, for free!) and take action right there and then to build your biz together.
  • Access to our fortnightly ‘Oils Empowerment’ sessions — to help you and your team get to know the oils so you can spread the love
  • Membership in our exclusive Path to Freedom Facebook group as well as Tara’s Team Bliss group — the three of us will be hanging out in these sacred spaces to share our insights, answer your questions, and cheer you on.
  • Plus So. Much. More...

It’s the most foolproof, no-brainer, time-freeing system… and because it’s filled with tools and templates directly taken from a 7-figure business, you can rest assured — it WILL work… if you show up fully, at whiplash speed.

Even better, every single person you recruit to join your doTERRA family will ALSO get access to this training system — as will the people THEY recruit, and THEY recruit, and so on! Path to Freedom truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

(And P.S. You get access to the whole system at no extra cost when you enrol and buy through the person who sent you to this page, which we’ll show you how to do in a moment… it’s a total no-brainer!)

“But, umm…. I don’t know if network marketing is for me?!”

I had this same fear too, beautiful. But can I let you in on a little secret? You’re already a network marketer. In fact, we all are.

Think back for a moment… That movie you recommended to your mum? And that pair of yoga pants you told your bestie about? That’s network marketing in action. And you can bet your sweet patootie that your mum and your bestie were both so grateful for a recommendation from someone they could trust.

Now imagine if you got paid for making recommendations just like that —- for products you already love and believe in.

That’s all that network marketing is, and when it works? When it’s undertaken with love and integrity? Well, there’s no more powerful business model in the world.

To start a network marketing biz, you need two things: a company you believe in, and a product you love.

I’ve found that in doTERRA, and then some. This is a company with heart, values, integrity, and a passion for changing the world. And these guys freaking walk their talk. Think:

  • The purest essential oils, harvested straight from the earth, and extracted in such a way to preserve every tiny molecule of plant power.
  • An unwavering commitment to the farmers and growers who bring us these botanical beauties (many of whom live in developing countries, and whose entire families and communities are supported by their partnership with doTERRA).
  • A culture of empowerment — everyone, no matter who they are, where they come from, or what their life looks like, can benefit from this extraordinary business model.
  • And a heartfelt promise to Mother Nature — if something can’t be done sustainably, they don’t do it.

Basically, they are the only organisation I have ever encountered whose entire ethos could have been copied word-for-word from the beliefs etched in my heart. I would never put my name behind something that wasn’t aligned with my values. But finding a company this in tune with my passion and purpose? Well, let’s just say it felt like coming home.

Quite simply, there’s no other opportunity like this on the planet.

The super generous doTERRA model — which you may have heard about before — is already lucrative, and Path To Freedom is the roadmap that amplifies this opportunity.

The true gift, however, is that you’re not just creating freedom for yourself… you’ll be creating it for your loved ones too.

Imagine having a business that allowed your husband to quit his stressful job and stay home with the kids, or that meant your mum never had to worry about money again. This is the true gift of network marketing — you can set up residual income streams that allow you to “free” the people you love from financial struggle and jobs they no longer enjoy.

Tara has already “freed” many members of her family (and counting). We’re aiming to “free” both of our mums and Nick’s sister in the coming months, then we’ll expand to the rest of our families and loved ones.

Who will you free, beautiful?

But honey, this opportunity is NOT for everyone.

No judgment beautiful, but Path to Freedom is not suited to everyone, and it’s in BOTH our interests to make sure we’re a good fit. This is not for you if:

  1. You already have an active doTERRA account. (If that’s the case, your existing wellness advocate is best placed to support you on your oily journey!)
  2. You’re not someone who takes action. Collaborative business rewards those who show up and give generously. If you’re looking for a silver bullet or a free ride, you’ve got your nose in the wrong honeypot.
  3. You’re easily derailed by comparison. There are going to be women all around you hitting goals and kicking butt. If that kind of thing inspires the pants off you, you’re in the right place. But if it makes you want to curl up in a ball, I kindly suggest a different path.


On the other hand, Path to Freedom is PERFECT for you if...

  • You’re lit up by collaboration, sisterhood, and following your soul’s calling.
  • You desire freedom, in all areas of your life — your income, your time, your wellbeing, all of it.
  • You’re a self-starter. You’re willing to show up, dive deep, and share from your heart.
  • You’re not afraid to be told ‘no’. (You know it means that you’re one step closer to the next ‘yes’!)
  • You know that a rising tide lifts all ships — so you love celebrating your sistas and lifting others up.
  • You love these oils! Like, you’re as freaking obsessed with them as we are!

Here’s how you get access at no extra cost...


Follow These Exact Steps

1) Choose your Enrolment Kit

(If you have previously opened a dōTERRA account, even if it is now closed, please email and let us know before enrolling)

You can enrol from anywhere in the world. A range of epic enrolment kits are available, depending on where you live:
United States / Canada / Australia / New Zealand / Europe / Hong Kong

The most popular way to start, and what Nick and I highly recommend is the Natures Solutions Kit. This kit is especially for you if you are interested in joining us in building your own dōTERRA business or if you are wanting to make radical lifestyle changes and no-tox your home. However, if this kit isn't right for you then we also highly recommend Home Essentials Kit as it has in it the top ten dōTERRA oils and a beautiful diffuser.

Currently these countries are supported:

  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Central America-Other
  • Europe
  • French Polynesia
  • Guatemala
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • USA

(Other countries are able to order, but require a US address which can then forward you your oils.)

2) When you’re ready to purchase, follow these directions carefully
  1. Click this link:
  2. Click Join & Save at the top of the page.
  3. Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you.
  4. If asked, select the shipping option for your country or closest to where you live.
  5. Select Wholesale Customer (not Wellness Advocate) to get the same generous discount on your oils as we do.
  6. Enter your personal information and social security number or tax information if asked.
  7. At Enroller ID, make sure you enter the number of the person who referred you, then click verify to see their name. If you were referred to this page by Nick and Melissa, enter 4536547.
  8. Choose a password.
  9. Select your enrolment kit. Purchasing a kit waives the $35 enrolment fee and is the smartest way to join. The most popular kits and what we recommend are the Natures Solutions Kit and Home Essentials Kit. If you just want to start with a couple of oils instead of a kit, start typing the name of the oil in the box and it will appear for you to select it. Be sure to select the $35 introductory packet if you’re not enrolling with a kit.
  10. Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.
  11. Once your payment processes, you’ll be asked whether you want to set up your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order. This is voluntary, however, if you’re looking at exploring the business opportunity, a monthly order is essential so you can get paid commissions. If you’re simply interested in being a customer, you’ll love the LRP for the free product incentives!
  12. If you enrolled with the Essential Collection or the Home Essentials Kit, we suggest adding the Mood Management oils to your LRP order for the following month. If you enrolled with the Natures Solutions Kit you may want to put the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit in your LRP order next month.

If you decide to go ahead and set this up, select a date, preferably before the 7th of next month and you’ll receive a FREE oil from doTERRA if your order reaches 125PV or more. To finalize your LRP, select your oils, and enter your payment details one more time. Please note: your credit card will NOT be processed until the date you’ve selected for shipping and you can update your order at any time if you change your mind.

3) When you enrol, you’ll qualify for Path to Freedom at no extra cost. (Yay!)

The amazing person who sent you to this page (your enroller) will be able to see that you’ve purchased, and will make sure you get sent you your unique Path to Freedom login details.

(If you don’t receive your login details within 1 business day, please send your enroller an email first, or Path To Freedom Customer Support at and we’ll get you sorted.)

4) Start playing with your oils!

We know you’ll fall for them, just like your enroller and we did. You’ll find plenty of recipes and beautiful rituals in the Path to Freedom portal, as well as loads of ideas in our fortnightly ‘Oils Empowerment Sessions’.

And beautiful, if that’s as far as you want to take your journey? Perfect!

You can keep on enjoying your oils, take advantage of the monthly offers from doTERRA (if you wish), and enjoy some hefty discounts along the way. (There are no lock-in contracts, by the way.)

And if you ever decide to venture further, you can take the next step WHENEVER you like — Path to Freedom will always be available to you. No stressure!

5) Ready to create your Path to Freedom?

If you find yourself OBSESSED with these botanical beauties, and want to start sharing them with others, it’s time to start creating your Path to Freedom! Dive into the member’s portal and start working your way through the trainings, workshops, checklists and more. You can also hang out with us in the private Facebook group and join us for our monthly group Momentum Sessions.

And from there? Well Frankly, the world is your bliss ball! ;)

Tick off the boxes, keep showing up, and watch in gratitude (and with no small amount of pinch-me astonishment!) as your business turns a bright, shiny shade of abundant. (Blue Diamond is going to look stunning on you, beautiful! ;)

So beautiful, if this opportunity speaks to your soul, and you want to be part of a divine collaboration that can rewrite the future for you, your loved ones, and the planet, we’d LOVE you to join our team.

Once you have read the above steps carefully, start your dōTERRA journey and...


Our love-fuelled guarantee

Like everything in life, you’ll only get out of this program what you put into it. We'll be there with your enroller to support you all the way, but (of course) we can’t guarantee you the same results. That part comes from showing up, doing the work, and staying the course! That said, we want you to feel amazing about investing in yourself. dōTERRA offers an industry leading Returns Policy, so if you give the oils a go and decide it's not for you, simply get in touch with the amazing team at dōTERRA to organise a *full refund or credit (depending on how long it has been since you purchased).

About Nick & Melissa


Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, host of The Melissa Ambrosini Show podcast, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and self-love teacher. Named a 'self-help guru' by Elle Magazine, her message — that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word — has inspired women across the globe to activate their dreams and live life on their own terms. A fan of dōTERRA since 2011, Melissa’s go-to oils are Spearmint, Whisper, On Guard, and (of course!) Melissa.

Nick Broadhurst is a renowned musician who performs under the name BROADHURST. His storied career began as one of the founding members of Sneaky Sound System, before evolving into other creative pursuits — including digital marketing, business strategy, and real estate (which saw him named Australia’s leading agent in 2009). A poet, film producer, writer, husband and father, he now channels his eclectic background into lush tunes, cinematic vids, and other epic creations that stir your soul. His favourite dōTERRA oils are Digest-zen and Ginger (for gut health), Vetiver (for sleep) and Geranium (for anti-ageing).