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The Life-changing Magic Of Saying ‘No Thank You’


How To Embrace The Divine Feminine

When we speak of the divine feminine, by no means is this something that applies only to women. Like I mentioned in Chapter One of Open Wide, we all possess both masculine and feminine energy within us, regardless of gender or sexuality. Its presence is innate — it’s part of you, it’s always been there, and you couldn’t get rid of it if you tried, sista!


Working From Home? Here’s How To Be Super Efficient

I have worked from home for years and love it. In 2016, we tried out an office for our team. We found a beautiful space and I was very excited to give it a go, but I quickly realised it was not what I wanted and that I personally work better when I am at home on my own.

Melissa Ambrosini

Coronavirus Support: Finding Silver Linings in Uncertainty (& How To Make The Most Of Your Time At Home)

Right now there is so much uncertainty. Many people are feeling a range of emotions and I just want you to know I am here for you. I am sending you and your family so much love. And please let me know how I can serve you even more. 

In the meantime, amidst all that’s going on, what's your silver lining? How can you take care of what’s going on within your four walls? How can you fill yourself up and take care of your wellbeing and boost your immune system? In this post, I will show you how. 


The Moment That Changed My Life (& Income) Forever

There are some moments that are so powerful, and that have such a lasting effect, that your entire life gets divided into “before” and “after”.. Auditioning for the Moulin Rouge was one such moment in my life… everything changed after I landed that gig. Meeting my husband was one of those moments, for sure. And another? Enrolling in Marie Forleo’s B-School.


Living Zero-Waste & Treading More Gently On The Planet

I want my children's children’s children to witness the beauty we get to see on this earth — the magical sunrises and sunsets, the beaches, the mountains, the rainforests, the lakes, the bushes, the trees, the parks, the flowers and not to mention all the beautiful animals.


Manifest Your 2020 Vision

On January 1st of every year, Nick and I have a ritual that we do. We get up and watch the sunrise, as witnessing the first sunrise of the year feels like a really good omen to us. Then, for the rest of the day we reflect on the past year, we celebrate our achievements and what we learned. We then get crystal clear on what we want to manifest and achieve for the year to come.


78 Free Health Hacks For Next-Level Wellness

Creating epic, thriving health does NOT need to be hard, and it certainly doesn’t need to cost a bomb... Here’s a list of 78 health hacks that are all easy, affordable (most of them are FREE!), and crazy effective.


How To Simplify & Declutter Every Area Of Your Life

I love simplifying and decluttering all areas of my life — my home, food, health, wardrobe, relationships, bank accounts, gadgets, apps… everything! When your life is simplified and decluttered on the outside, it creates peace and calm within. 

chewy vegan brownie

Chewy Vegan Brownie

This super easy, delicious, wholefood, healthy brownie will blow your mind. I highly recommend making two batches as these will go very quickly. Enjoy and don't forget to tag me in your post's on Instagram as I love seeing you create my favorite brownie.

reduce your waste

Simple But Genius Hacks To Reduce Your Waste

Most of you who have followed me for a while will know I am a conscious consumer and I don’t like waste. I also try to not use plastic and try to limit my waste and carbon footprint as much as possible. I’m not telling you this to get an award. I simply want to share how I have done it. 


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