My Top 5 Tech Tips To Rock Your Business And Streamline Your Life


I’m not the type of person who has pages and pages of apps on my iPhone — I have what is needed, and that’s it. However, along my entrepreneurial journey I’ve discovered 5 sweet little pieces of technology that have made my online business (and life) run oh-so-much more smoothly.

Here are my top 5 tech tips to rock your business and streamline your life…

1. 1Password

I used to have all my logins and passwords saved in an Excel spreadsheet on my Mac, and before that, in a notepad in my office draw. (Totally secure, huh?!) That is, until my husband introduced me to 1Password and holy moly my life changed forever. Gone are the days of forgetting which password goes with which account, or having random strings of digits written on little bits of paper all over the house. 1Password can be synced to your computer and phone so you won’t ever forget again — it’s brilliant! Ultimately, the goal of apps is to make your life as easy as possible, and this lil’ gem does exactly that.

2. Things

I used to have to-do lists coming out of my ears — scrawled on note pads or the backs of envelopes, basically whatever happened to be lying next to me at the time. Heck, I had fluoro Post-It notes stuck up on every surface of my office and house. Now, everything is stored in this one handy app called Things. Again, you can link it to your computer and phone, which makes staying organised even easier. And a cool bonus is that if I need to remind my husband to pick something up or do something, I can just add it to his Things account. If getting organised and motivated floats your boat, you can also read Getting Things Done by David Allen, which is a great book on how to manage your to-do list and pump up your productivity.

3. Google Drive

I run my entire business from Google Drive. It’s the best! My team all have access to the drive. Gone are the days of back and forth emails and files going missing — with everything stored in Google Drive you can’t miss a thing. Plus you can assign access rights to folders and documents to different people, which makes collaborating with contractors and running your business not only a breeze, but secure too.

4. Evernote

I use Evernote for everything — writing blog posts, storing travel documents, filing recipes and much, much more. Again, like all the apps mentioned above, you can sync Evernote to your phone and computer, which is super-useful when you’re out and about and an awesome blog title pops into your head or your next big project idea comes flowing through you.

5. Voxer

Forget about taking ten minutes to type a text — Voxer allows you to send voice messages to people in an instant. My entire team are on Voxer and it makes life so much easier. I also send little voice notes to myself if I need to remember something or an awesome idea pops into my head whilst I’m on the go. I also use Voxer with my besties — it’s so much fun to surprise them with a little sound-bite, and hear the smile in their voice.

Hot Tip – Keep an eye out for Apple’s upcoming iOS 8.0 release which will include similar walkie-talkie functionality right within iMessage. Now that’s streamlined.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with technology. But they way I see it is that these golden nuggets of engineering support you to move through each day with a little more ease and grace.

Have you got any awesome business apps that you love? If so, share with us in the comments below.

Thank you so much for all the value you offer in the comments. It means the world to me to have you here, sharing with our gorgeous tribe.

I love you immensely.

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    • Sarah
      August 14, 2014

      Great post Melissa! Would love to see more wealth posts.

    • Ashlee
      August 14, 2014

      Hey Mel! This is such AWESOME advice – thanks :) can’t wait to try them all out. Big love to you xoxo

    • August 14, 2014

      We are addicted to evernote here. We use it for everything.
      It a very handy system. You are so right Melissa it can be very overwhelming.
      Technology is great but it can also complicate life.
      Thanks for sharing your tips.

    • Charlotte
      August 14, 2014

      Thanks Melissa for your post.

      I love the idae about sending voices message to people and to yourself. I think it can be a lovely way to sed to myself everymorning a positive thought life that in the bad day, you always have someone (yourself) lift you up.

      I just would like know, to be an entrepreneur like you, you seem to be really organize, do you use a diary? Or do you have any tip to share about being more organize?

      Much love


      • Melissa Ambrosini
        August 14, 2014

        Hey Charlotte,

        I just gave you my 5 biggest organisational tips above honey. Check them out!

        I also use ical. Which is a digital calendar on my mac and iphone. I love digital calendar’s, it’s so much neater.

        Hope this helps.


        • Lisa
          August 15, 2014

          Hi Melissa
          This is exactly perfect timing as I start to get my business up and running. Could you confirm the exact app for ical. Is it iCalendar by Symfonie Inc? Thanks in anticipation – love your blogs!!

        • Melissa Ambrosini
          August 15, 2014

          Hi Lisa,

          It’s just ical that comes with my Mac. Does that make sense?

    • August 14, 2014

      Hey Melissa

      Forever grateful to you beautiful goddess… the love and passion oozes from you and your energy and inspiration continues to leave me buzzing! These sound like some very helpful tools I would love to implement in my own business to streamline my time better in order to be of greater service to others!

      Thank you once again!
      oceans of love to you beautiful

      April Swift

    • August 14, 2014

      Paprika!! You would love it. Its a recipe app where you create and store all of your favourite recipes. Its genius. I want to write a healthy cookbook and its the perfect start (I’m 18 so I have to finish my education etc. first) xx

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        August 15, 2014

        Awesome thanks so much Clem. I’ll check it out.


      • Catherine
        August 22, 2014

        I use Pepperplate for all my recipes. I love it! I also have a ‘thingy’ (I don’t know what they’re called) that sits at the side of my internet browser. You can automatically add recipes straight from the website. I use it on my iphone, ipad and computer.
        You can tag recipes to filter them later and add all the info like source, time, yield and obviously method and ingredients.

        • Melissa Ambrosini
          August 22, 2014

          Sounds awesome Catherine. What’s it called?

    • August 14, 2014

      Wow, thanks for sharing these.

    • Stefanie
      August 14, 2014

      Hey Melissa,

      I am just wondering if you still offer coaching, I can’t seem to find any info on your site about it and not sure what best way to contact you.

      P.s google drive is the best!

      Thanks x

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        August 15, 2014

        Hey Stefanie,

        I am not at the moment but I have an awesome new program coming out in September which will be perfect for you. Keep an eye out. You will LOVE it.


    • August 15, 2014

      Rarely do I comment on blog posts but this I had to say was very handy thank you x

    • August 17, 2014

      I LOVE evernote. I’m using it for over a year now, and think it’s the best app/tool to stay organized.

      But other than that I love all the Google products as well. As you mentioned drive, but also gmail and the calender.

      With these almost cloud-like tools I can access my business from anywhere and don’t even need my own computer.

      Love posts like these!

      xo Elisa

    • Tanya
      August 17, 2014

      Hi Melissa,

      Do you have any career advice? I dont know what to do with my life and am feeling very overwhelmed.

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        August 18, 2014

        Hi Tanya,

        I get asked this question all the time which is why I have created a program that will help you will this. It will be launching end of September so keep an eye out.


        • Tanya
          August 18, 2014

          Very excited to hear xxx

    • August 31, 2014

      Look forward to checking some of these out. I have fallen in love with Scrivener for keeping projects together. I definitely recommend it!

    • September 25, 2014

      Hi, :-)
      Hoooo I love the voxer idea, never thought of this before, yes it seems like a way to gain some time in the day!
      I am also a post it girl… it is getting all over the place here, I kind love the writing things down the old paper way, I still have a regular agenda… but at some point I’ll have to consider some other option. Things is only for mac it seems, I’ll have to look for something similar for PC! Thanks for the tips!

    • Melissa Ambrosini
      November 12, 2014

      Hey Kim,

      I use a digital calendar and Things. They are the BEST!

      Have you tried Things?

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        November 13, 2014

        Hi Kim,

        I just checked and yes I think it is only for apple products. I am sure there is something similar for android. Let us know if you find anything.


    • January 14, 2015


      Awesome post! I need to check out Things.

      If you like Voxer, you will LOVE Slack! I am a social media manager for a very successful blogger and our entire team (of about 14) uses Slack and it has completely changed our work life! It cut our emails down to basically nothing and there was hardly and learning involved! You can check out this post about it: http://michaelhyatt.com/cut-email-by-83-percent.html

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        January 14, 2015

        Awesome thanks so much Madeline. I will check it out.


    • January 14, 2015

      My best tip to ensure you’re super focused during the day is my “no screens after dinner” rule. It means that I can’t fall into the “I’ll write that later” trap or the “i’ll send those emails later” trap. Days are for working. Evenings are for walking, meditating, chatting to my husband or friends, reading, drawing, cooking, knitting etc… It’s a hard discipline, but it has made me so much more efficient during the day!

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        January 14, 2015

        I love that rule honey. Thanks for sharing.


      • November 6, 2018

        Haha Melissa I’m reading this and taking notes on a scrap of paper!! i think I need to incorporate some of these!!

    • October 6, 2015

      […] this post I talk about “Things“, which is one of my favourite productivity […]

    • October 7, 2015

      […] this post I talk about “Things“, which is one of my favourite productivity […]

    • esther
      May 5, 2020

      such great ideas! Curious about why you use evernote for the activities you listed instead of google docs/ drive? Do you find one is better for writing vs business related docs? Thanks!

      • May 8, 2020

        I use Evernote more for personal stuff not really for work honey. I’m a drive gal. xx

    • July 3, 2020

      Keeping the password for the important documents is the funniest part of my work process. I always try keeping the most “powerful” password and within seconds I forget what I used. Again struggle to recall the password. Hope the idea of “1Password” works for people like me. Thank you for all the other tech tips as well.

    • December 8, 2020

      Hey Melissa, thanks for sharing these tools to streamline business and boost productivity. I will surely use Voxer to communicate with my team. This app will be really helpful. I use digital business cards for networking. I recommend you to give it a try.

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