Mastering Your Mean Girl Program

Change is effortless when you’ve got the right support. This 10-week program will help you take action on your dreams, become the best version of yourself, and master your Mean Girl like a pro.

Program Curriculum

Week 1 - Love Over Fear

Listen to Week 1 - Love Over Fear

Download and Print the Love Over Fear Companion

Week 2 - Self Love

Listen to Week 2 - Self Love

Download and Print the Self Love Companion

Week 3 - Worthiness

Listen to Week 3 - Worthiness

Download and Print the Worthiness Companion

Week 4 - Fabulously Healthy

Listen to Week 4 - Fabulously Healthy

Download and Print the Fabulously Healthy Companion

Week 5 - Purpose

Listen to Week 5 - Purpose

Download and Print the Purpose Companion

Week 6 - Wildly Wealthy

Listen to Week 6 - Wildly Wealthy

Download and Print the Wildly Wealthy Companion

Week 7 - Divine Relationships

Listen to Week 7 - Divine Relationships

Download and Print the Divine Relationships Companion

Week 8 - Your Gift To The World

Listen to Week 8 - Your Gift To The World

Download and Print the 'Your Gift' Companion

Week 9 - Drop the 'F' Bomb

Listen to Week 9 - Drop the 'F' Bomb

Download and Print the 'F' Bomb Companion

Week 10 - Legacy

Listen to Week 10 - Legacy

Download and Print the Legacy Companion

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Monthly Mentoring With Me

Every month, I’ll be hosting a group mentoring call on a specific monthly theme. You’ll be able to ask questions, hear my personal insights (that I don’t share anywhere else), and watch me workshop real-life issues. All these calls are recorded and added here to the member’s portal — so you can revisit them as many times as you like, whenever you need a refresher.


Access My Private Vault Of Transformational Videos

Get instant access to the powerful Goddess Group sessions. With 66+ hours of content addressing every key area in Health, Wealth & Love, you’ll always be able to find practical, soulful guidance for whatever problems life throws at you. These videos form the foundation of our monthly focus theme.


A Front Row Seat In Our Online Private Community

Our private MYMG Mentoring Facebook group will let you create deep soulful connections with your newfound soul sistas — and me! — that will last a lifetime. It’s guaranteed to be the most gorgeous, uplifting place you’ll find on the interwebs!


Special VIP Offers and Surprises

I love treating our members like the goddesses that they are. Which means: exclusive bonuses, early-bird access to events, random surprises (just because!) and 10% off all MA products for the lifetime of your membership.

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