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Sick and tired of feeling stuck in your life?

In this Block Buster episode, you’ll hear me workshop real life blocks with real life listeners...

Today, Caterina is struggling with hormone issues. Her period has gone AWOL, and her work requires her to embody masculine energy a lot of the time. How can she reconnect with her divine feminine? And what’s the best way to revive her monthly cycle?

Meanwhile, fear has been holding our second guest, Kirsty, back from unleashing her true potential. What should she do? We’ve all heard the saying “feel the fear and do it anyway”... but how do you actually DO that? Especially when your inner Mean Girl is holding you hostage?!

Press play to hear these two incredible women bravely face the blocks that have been holding them back from living the lives they crave. You’ll hear the exact steps I use to guide them from being stuck, confused, and living from a place of fear… to feeling free, clear and full of love. (This is a process you can put into practice in your own life, no matter WHAT it is that’s keeping you stuck.) Enjoy!

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